Friday, December 16, 2011

The Art of Listening

So my little work/lunch group of friends had decided to do a Secret Santa lunch. This way someone doesn't show up with gifts for everyone and one of us then feel like a chump for not having bought something.

I had in fact already bought everyone cheap movie passes, but those will be tucked away for another time.

So we drew names and decided on a limit... Or should I rephrase to minimum. Somehow one of the Pinks decided that we needed to spend min $20. Reasonable but we can just go up from there... Of course she is the name I draw, the Pink with the most expensive taste (to give an idea she owns a real Louis Vutton wallet). And her favorite "colour"... Black. This was not going to be easy.

In the meantime Purple and I have dropped a couple of ideas at the lunch for ourselves. I also remarked that I don't really enjoy Lindor chocolates (as they came with my meal).

Anyway after a lot of search I finally settled on knitting a scarf for Pink and getting a Starbucks tea gift for her.

But this week the other Pink came to my desk and let it slip that Pricey Pink had asked her for advice on the gift she needs to buy...

I'm like, ok you do realize I now know who everyone has right? - only 4 of us doesn't take much to figure it out.

She had a bit of a d'oh moment with that. I did ask Purple if she needed help with her person (figured cat was out of the bag at this point). But I didn't realize that saying Pricey Pink asking for help on her would be a bit of a sensitive topic.

Wasn't thinking, Purple had an excellent point though, she had given ideas and if you did listen you'd have an idea of what to get her (I know I had wanted to draw her name). I could understand why she felt upset as she had made a point of dropping hints.

But this morning, funnily enough Purple gave me a gift prior to our lunch, I felt bad I did not get her anything... And it was Lindor chocolates.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Divorcees or Supervisors

So a few weeks ago I was set to go the Dentist (insert Jaws theme music), I had let my supervisor know about the appointment on the Friday prior and was discussing it with the other supervisor in our group, as I was (am) having an issue with a tooth. My supervisor came over, and I reminded him of the appointment time.

5 min later I get a scheduled meeting invitation smack in the middle of my appointment time. I was slightly annoyed because they both knew what time my appointment was, and I obviously couldn't make this meeting.

That afternoon my supervisor tells me about what happened, saying that it was really too bad I couldn't be at the meeting (well then don't schedule it when you know I have an appointment that you knew about! <insert annoyed explicative of your choice>) and tells me I will be helping out the other supervisor with creating/maintaining a contact list for a large external meeting (exciting stuff) for a meeting in February and it can wait awhile. I was like ok, sure, no problem.

However when I got the files I needed to create this list, my supervisor tells me that it is not a priority and that I have to continue working on the manual. I just shrugged, as he's the supervisor and no sweat of my back what I'm working on when really.

The girl supervisor (mine is a guy) asks me if I got all the information I needed, and I told her I had and would work on it when I was finished what I had that day. However my supervisor again changed what I was lined up to do next, so the contact list was pushed yet again.

Next thing I know, last Tuesday, the girl supervisor is at my desk, telling me to no longer worry about the contact list, she's going to have to create it. I thought this slightly odd... but said ok, no problem.

She then goes into a rant about how my supervisor had changed my priorities on me and that now she was going to have to do my work to get hers done on time as she has a deadline (first I'd heard of it). She also complained that she didn't know what his issue was, as he offered me to help out and then pulls me from the project and doesn't even tell her. Tells me she isn't mad at me (ok, thanks??), but is really mad at him, and questioning why he's behaving this way... I had no answers for her.

Then on that same Friday my supervisor meets with me over our upcoming work, and tells me that he spoke with the girl supervisor. He was like, I told her awhile ago that he pulled me from the project (not from what she said) and he didn't understand why she was so mad anyway. As he didn't think that it was a big deal if she pushed her deadline a week until my other stuff was done and I could help her. Said for me not to worry because he told her it was his decision and he took the heat on it (um, good??). Then ranted about how she was behaving lately and how he didn't understand what was going on with her.

Obviously neither supervisor knows that the other is talking to me about them... I just shook my head when I got back to my desk as it felt like I was a kid stuck in a tug of war with two divorced parents, instead of an employee at work.

All this drama over something that would maybe take an hour of my time.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Return

I've been offline in regards to blogging for a number of weeks now. It's not that I haven't had blog-worthy news, in fact look for Wrong Number, Divorcees or Supervisors, Me Vs the Dentist (take 3) to be arriving soon.

Fact of the matter is by the time I actually remember to blog, it's bedtime and I'm too tired to log in, trying to organize my thoughts in the typical sarcastic humour in which I deal with most things in life (I like to think I channel Statler and Waldorf on my good days).

So tomorrow night I will be making an effort to actually sit down, ignore Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN and Sims 3 in an effort to actually get some words down in the world of BlogSpot, so that some insomniac who is wistfully wishing for images of baa sheep leaping over fences, can have something to stave of complete boredom.

On a cool note my iPhone read the tomorrow night as a possible event and asked if I wanted to creat an event.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Me vs the Dentist

Sadly I had to go to the dentist today, as last week something was feeling slightly off.

I discovered quickly that I still hate dentists and I'm fairly certain now they are spawns of Satan.

The day started off badly, my head was aching, my boyfriend was leaving and I didn't sleep well. Really that was enough to make my Monday crappy as it was. Add a morning Dental appointment and it's a mini version of hell for me.

To make it a little less painful, I packed my Kobo with me, so at least I had a book I could retreat too. But as I got in my car, I had an odd experience (not related to the blog, but part of the day). This older man (definition of older meaning grey hair) a couple cars over crossing in the lot, looks at me and mouths, "Hello there" to me and kept walking. I had never met him before. I spent part of the drive trying remember that odd encounter for the blog. - Because really what stranger says that in a parking lot? I am young enough to be his daughter, blech.

Once I got to the dentists, I then had to fill out a questionnaire so detailed that I'm sure my Ex after 7 years couldn't answer all of those about me. I finally handed in the paper, gave a rave review on the Kobo and it's capabilities, before I got a moment to dash off in to the world of Kinsey Millhone briefly before be called back into The Chair.

To start off, there was no obvious place to hang my coat, so I left it on and I was not asked to remove it. Which made it a little awkward for me as it's somewhat bulky being that it's been rather cool out recently. However the hygienist just went about draping me for photo shoot over the bulk. I meanwhile was thankful for Secret's extra protection as I was putting it through a true test being trapped in that coat!

After my first photo shoot, I was brought to a stand up booth, strapped into a lead frock, told to remove my sleeper hoop earrings (those still are not back in) and my glasses. So in the cramped confines I got my earrings out, then zipped them into a sleeve pocket on my coat so I wouldn't lose them (not able to put them back in without a mirror), then settle my Kobo and wallet on the ground, as there was no place else to put it (was not offered a spot somewhere for my belongings).

Once I was done with the photos, the Dentist finally showed. He asked if there was any particularly troubling spots, I mentioned what was going on, he then takes his little mirror and the pokey then and starts poking in my mouth, and asks, "How are you doing today?" I was thinking, "Really? We are going to play this game? Seriously?" I think he realized I was slightly annoyed (I do give a really good "you're a moron look") as he removed his hands long enough for me to respond, "Just dandy, love being here." - Yes, for those that don't know, that was sarcasm.

He then went through all other spots in my mouth first, listing off random numbers and letters. I was waiting for someone to yell, "I Sank Your Battleship!" when finally goes to the tooth that is bothering me and whacks on it a few times with a metal pole of some kind, then asked if it hurts. -  What do you think ?? Moron.

Finally he tells me we are going to go through my Xrays together. He proceeds then to look at the Xrays, and point at them with his lasers while not saying anything, I almost yelled out "Bicuspid" at one point just to break the silence. 

He then hands me a mirror and tells me he wants to show me something. Flips me back and has me open up wide. Well I can see jack sh-t with the mirror, and my "you're a moron" look returned. For some reason he seemed somewhat crestfallen that I was unable to see him tapping once again on the bothersome tooth.

Then he gets all excited to run off to get the Oral Cancer Screening light. Tells me not too worry, but he wants to check out a couple spots... uh. Ok? If my palms were not already sweaty from the jacket, it would have been spontaneous clammy hands. So I get this light the size of large pill bottle type stuck in my mouth, he looks all over then goes back to my right side 3 times... palms are now almost dripping on the floor, the silence is deafening. He then says ok, I'll be right back and disappears. I almost fell out the chair to see where he was going (luckily the bulk of the coat hooked the arm and kept me in).

On his return he was like, ok here's the situation with your tooth, you've fractured the root, and even though I do root canals, I'm not confident I can deal with this. So you will have to see a specialist. Two things popped in to my head at that, first was OMG $$$$$$ and how does a dentist get more specialized??

He then hands me back the mirror so he can tap one more time at the tooth and pick at the gum to tell me the issues. If it wasn't 7 years bad luck to break a mirror, I might have used it on his head. Because if he can't fix it, then don't touch it!!!

He then hustles me back out to the front desk, tells the lady with the sometimes British Accent (think Ross off Friends) to set me up with a consult. Meanwhile, I'm like, "Hey! Wait!! What about the cancer???! Was it negative or positive??" He was like, oh, Negative of course. - Of Course? Sorry dude, silence was not acceptable assurance about that being Negative.

So after this glowing exam, I left with a pounding left side of the face, including ear, nose and eye and an 11 day wait to see a specialist who needs me to pay for all his Xmas shopping I'm sure. *sigh* I hate dentists.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Well the iPhone hasn't yet improved my blogging, it's actually taken away time from it, by playing time wasting Apps. Sims3 is a-calling!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Blues con't

Not really so much the October blues as one of my sisters is going through a really hard time right now and all my funny is going towards cheering her up.

Don't worry my sarcastic wit will return to my blog shortly. Most likely with tales of my travels out to see my boyfriend.

Manual Blog Log is keeping track of stories for me to eventually share with you. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Makes sense

On the way home today I was behind a car that had the license plate "JO8 BYE"... I guess JOB BYE must have already been taken. However I was curious as to why someone who would get a personalized plate saying basically no more working would be driving a Sunfire. Not the most luxurious of cars. 

Found my answer as I noticed the kid in the back repeatedly whacking his head against the head rest. Pretty much non stop. Why waste money on a car that is just going to get beat up?

Monday, October 3, 2011


I usually love October. Month where you get fed turkey, free candy and presents (well I do anyway my birthday month). But for some reason this year, I'm just not into it. It's depressing watching the trees change colour and lose their leaves.

I'm sure there are blog topics tossing about, but right now, seeing leaves on the ground just makes me want to curl up in bed and stay there until Spring. Or at least until the Cadbury Bunny returns.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I got a call from one of the supervisors in my area awhile ago. She said "I'm going to be late because my son slept in."

I said "Ok?" as I really did not know how else to respond to that. Maybe I should mention, her son is 3 years old.

When she arrived at work, she came straight to my desk with a bit dramatic sigh, plunked down and told me about her morning. "I can't believe he slept in! The one morning I'm super organized and have everything ready to go and he doesn't wake up at 5:50 am like he normally does. He slept right until 7 am! And made me late!!"

Now, I know I don't have kids and all. But I do come from a large family and have babysat over night numerous times. 3 year olds don't normally wake themselves up from what I've seen, unless of course it's the weekend and you wanted to sleep in. Then they are up at the crack of dawn.

What surprised me even more was the manager didn't even care, he was like, oh I totally understand, not a problem.

I have a few possible theories on what happened:

a) She slept in and blamed the 3 yr old (really sad thing to do, but honestly I'd have more respect for someone over sleeping their alarm then blaming the kid)

b) She is one of those Moms who thinks that kids must wake up on their own or something bad will happen (I am still working on the theory of what the bad thing would be...)

c) her son is such a holy terror when he's awake that when he sleeps, he looks like a sleeping angel and she dare not wake him


d) or he is as cute as this puppy is sleeping and you just forget everything when watching him:

Compliments, nothing better!

I had recently made a trip to a Disney store to pick up some shirts for the kids as they are about to go on their first trip to Disney World. When I was there, I picked out a sweat shirt for myself as well.

Well last week, Mother Nature decided that was going to be fall after weeks of warm weather. I however in defiance, wore my sweater to work instead of giving in to wearing a jacket. Besides I work early in the morning so I will rarely run into people while wearing a cartoon shirt.

However I must pass through security to enter the building, and the guard greeted me with, "Good morning, I love your shirt!" Then continued on to say, "But nothing else."

Way to shoot a girl down there buddy. I had been thinking until that point that my hair and new jeans looked pretty cute too. Guess it all depends on the eye of the beholder!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Pink Experiment Final Installment

Today was the big day. I woke up groggy and cranky from a bad night sleep which was riddled with nightmares. I forced myself to get up for a couple of hours, promising myself a nap later on for the big night. Didn't happen.

Since I have two sisters, both Pink, I had enlisted their help in getting ready today. One was on hair, the other on eyes and nails. The one on eyes and nails decided that she didn't want to have to rush home, so she wanted to do her thing before she went out. She informed me at 12:30 she might be doing it early. I was in bed at this point hoping to fall asleep. 1:00 she told me she'd be at my place in 30 min. 

I groaned at this text message, really not wanting to have to get up as I was exhausted. And because of the timing this meant no leisurely bath to relax in before prep time. So I hoped into the shower to quickly get ready, then get out everything I think she would need. Also remembered to put on foundation around my eyes before she arrived.

I had also attempted to use my new fancy eyelash curler. But gave up after a few minutes as I simply didn't seem to be able to capture any eyelashes and get them to curl. 

Just before she arrived I got a text from Purple saying she thought it was going to be too cold and she as well was going to be wearing pants. This really got me frustrated, there was no way I was changing my outfit at this point, after having spent over $100 just to accessorize, etc for it.

First thing she wants to do is my nails, so they can dry while she does my eyes. She's brought along a base coat because I didn't mention I had picked that up. I had to ask what it was for, apparently it's to protect your nails, and such from the colour sticking. Also you should put a top coat on as well over the colour to help prevent from chipping.

This is when I realized why I don't do my nails. 3 coats just to get funny colour fingers? I'm ok with skipping that.

She wanted to start with eyeliner, I had forgotten to bring that out, went found the bag with it in it, promptly ruined one of the wet nails. Then she is telling me to look all around while she works. I did mostly enjoy the "look up" then followed by "but not with your eyes open". What is that supposed to be translated too? Tilt your chin up, eyes closed. Clear as mud.

Finally she had the colour on, then of course I had forgotten the mascara, went track that down. And we were done. She said I might have to touch up later before I left (as it was 5 hours before I was going to have to be at the restaurant). I ignored this. Touching up was not happening.

My other sister asked me to go to her place for 4. I had planned on leaving from her house to the restaurant. Took 3 trips to my car as I kept forgetting things, like the bracelet and watch, hair straighter and hairspray and finally the shoe inserts.

While she was doing my hair, I realized I left the GPS at my place and would have to return anyhow. She did get to see the complete outfit with toe-killer shoes and everything. Her sentiment was "Wow! You don't even look like you!!" I guess that's a good thing?

She also gave me a clutch to use (I didn't realize this was a flat like small purse/large wallet), was just told by a Pink yesterday I should use one as it would look better. I didn't want to say I didn't know what this was, but texted my sisters asking if I could borrow one. They both had some I could choose from. 

Made it to the dinner, luckily I got into the parkade across the street, as the shoes, with special inserts were now trying to snap off the Little Piggy Who  Went Wee Wee All The Way Home.

The girls were all suitable impressed with my look, loved everything. Which really, the least they can do considering I had started to get ready two days ago!! And in the end everyone wore either dresses or skits.

Supper went over ok, the food was only alright. But we had fun chatting, and hanging out. Had a few photos taken. One of the pinks decided we needed full stand up photos, so I made them decided while we were sitting where we would do these, as after two trips on stairs, my leg muscles were burning with effort in the 5 inch heels, and the Little Piggies were on their last legs.

Finally managed to make it to my car after a brief confusion on where to find the parking pay station. (I just realized I forgot to take a photo of the signs). One sign pointed to the right and the other pointed to the left... with nothing but empty walls between them, leaving me somewhat confused on where to go (turns out it was around the corner form the go Left sign). With a huge sigh of relief I removed the shoes and slide on some flip flops for the drive home.

When I arrived home, Purple had texted us saying she had a great time, but next time, we need to wear pants and flats so we can stay out later than 10 pm!! I whole heartily agreed.

Pink Experiment has come to an end. And I'm very happy to say it was a success, but I can't imagine trying to do this more than once a year. If that. But I do have admiration for those women who can do this everyday. That takes a lot of commitment and perseverance on their part.

Side Note: We had a conversation about a television show tonight, so I went to look up some info when I got home. On the side there was a picture of a lady using an Eyelash curler... reason why I couldn't get mind to work earlier was I was doing it backwards! LOL

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Pink Experiment #4

Today I was still pondering having to get a sweater or something for the dress, Sally also needed to go out, so we decided to go shopping together after work. However during this conversation Barbara claims she is no longer really dressing up because it's going to be too cold.

This is the girl who made a HUGE deal over this being a super dressy, exciting night as it's the first time she's gone out in 20 months. And because of that huge spiel she gave us, I felt bad and decided to Go Pink for a few days for her. And now she's claiming she's going to wear pants?!

Unacceptable. I have fake tan on my legs right now lady, you are wearing a freakin dress!! Plus we are only outside between our cars and the restaurant! Suck it up Princess.

Anyway Sally said she would take care of her dressing up, especially when she found out all the money I spent on getting the Girly crap needed to be Pink.

Sally and I were able to find earrings and a few other odds and ends for her. And I had to settle on buying a short black jacket like shirt for my dress. Both stores I bought something and second item was free or 1/2 off, and I didn't want anything else or even try and look. I had hit my max for shopping for the next 6 months.

But now, with the clutch (what is a clutch?! apparently I needed one as a purse would be too big, though I only own one sort of novelty purse anyway that someone got me as a Xmas present/joke and I don't think a faux giraffe would be suitable) I am borrowing from one of the Pink Sisters, I have a complete outfit, accessories and makeup.

And if I do not have to see or wear any of this again I think I'd be ok with that too.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pink Experiment #3

I finally make it home, completely exhausted from all the shopping (I stopped at a game story and bought PS3 game just to feel better about all the girl crap in my car).

However I was worried about this "dark" tan bottle, will it be too dark? So I decided I better try it out, while I did so, I put in a white strip (did you know some of those you have to wear for 30 min?! I didn't).

I also tried out the nail polish, and decided a sister is going to have to do the applying, as I think I might have been 12 the last time I attempted nail polish. Figured I better remove it as 1 gold nail might look odd at work tomorrow.

So I finally got to take out the white strip (thankfully, that causes a serious about of drooling! Not at all attractive). And I'm still trying to decide if my legs look tanned, orange, or the same. But one thing I did notice, the tan spray actually makes you sparkly.

So here is where I stand on my Pink Experiment:

Gold tinged cuticles on my left hand. 

Fancy sparkly gold knees.

Still in need of some kind of sweater for the dress.

I can't wait to get this getting ready part over with... as I've started 2 days ahead of time!! 

And I've discovered being Pink is a lot of work!! How do women do this everyday?? I'll be glad to be Blue again on Sunday. . . stay tuned for parts #4/5/6/7/8... lol however many parts it takes to get me through this!

The Pink Experiment #2

Now I hit the problem, I have this 1 pair of high heels that are kind of cute to look at. The all girls seem to LOVE them. I on the other hand loath the shoes after only 1 wear, as these things hate toes. They are constantly trying to strangle my little Piggy Who Had None. Not sure what that Piggy every did to those shoes to deserve that treatment.

But because these are opened toed this won't allow me to wear nylons to cover the legs... so what to do?

Ah! I called a pink sister, she used something on her legs once and it looked cool. Spray tan thing. Armed with a name, I headed to a Drug Store to pick it up. Promptly left my phone in the car with the info on it, so I was left searching in the seriously expanded makeup section feeling a lot lost.

After 5 min, I discovered the nail polish section, which was to lead me to this spray tan (I should have asked for what it looked like), I found it finally, one said Nude and one Tan to Deep Tan. Well Nude seemed to be a moot point for what I wanted so I grabbed the other bottle.

Then I remembered that the eyeliner I have seem to have an annoying habit of not staying put and making me look like a raccoon after a couple hours. Now I'm back to the weirdly split up makeup area, with names I've never heard of, all I wanted was like Cover Girl or Revlon. Something normal. Finally I tracked it down.

While picking out eyeliner (thankful I only had two choices on that one counter). I realized I wasn't sure if I had lipstick still, or if I did I'm not sure how long ago I bought it (can lipstick go bad?!). So I tried to pick out a colour that seemed like it would look good.

Then remembered once that my hairdresser said that if you do a light lip your eyes should go dark (one or the other but not both). I groaned, because now I have brown, silver and purple colours at home. My dress is green with brown. Purple I wasn't sure would be allowed on this outfit. (Where is a Pink person when you need them ?!). So I bought a multi pack of greens and golds.

Figured since I went that far, I might as well buy nail polish too and polish remover (as I'm sure I'd want this stuff off ASAP). I found a gold that seem to be matching the makeup (are nails supposed to match, I don't know, but I'm going for coordination at this point). Then there were these eyelash curler things. I know one sister uses these. I'm not sure how. But it was 1/2 off. Added it to the pile.

Then I remembered that commercial where the girl freaks out because her teeth are not white enough for photos... and I'm like, well I think mine are white enough, don't drink coffee, tea or smoke. Ah, better get those white strips things.

I'm not sure exactly what all I ended up with, but I dropped a lot of stuff on the counter. The girl asked me if I wanted a bag for 5 cents. I gave her the "Of Course Moron" look. I also didn't look at the bill, but I was impressed I got a lot of it on sale!

I remembered at this point that my pink sister, who once found out what shoes I was going to wear, suggested that I get Shoe Brakes, some flower thing that goes in and prevents your foot from sliding in the shoe, and thus saving the Piggy Who Had None.

Since I'm pro Piggy, I gave her a call, asking if the drug store might carry this, she said sure, or a shoe store. I went back in. Now I'm staring at a wall of foot care products. Dr. Scholls seems to be a familiar name brand, so I opted to stick with his advice. But what was the right option? I couldn't tell!!

Nothing said Shoe Brake. Or Foot Brake or Brake of any sort. So I bought a full foot thing, guaranteed to fit all women shoes. Some heel protection (seemed like a good idea) and a fake arch support. I do have very high arches, so this might be what I need. $30 + later I walked out for the second time. However I still was not certain that I had the right item, so I stopped a shoe store. They have me something for $6. Green flat piece of squishy stuff. Haven't figured out where it's supposed to go.

Anyway I realized that my dress is going to require a sweater or something as the weather is calling for winter like conditions now and it's a sun dress. I stopped to ask a Pink sister if she had anything appropriate. She does not (her colours were too girly for my dress). She however told me the leg spray I bought for the tan was the "dark" version, hers was a lighter colour.

All I can do is sigh at this point.

The Pink Experiment #1

So the Pink work girls decided a month ago we needed a "Girls Night Out". I agreed to it, as I've done girls nights in the past, usually good for a few good laughs. We are to go out this Saturday, total of 5 of us, 2 pink, 1 purple, 1 unknown and me (blue).

On Tuesday I had a tea run with one of the girls, and she was gushing about getting super dressed up, etc. Little warning bells started to fill my head, because my girls nights didn't require a dress code normally. They required the Olive Garden and drinks, maybe a movie.

I was a little nervous after talking with the Purple girl as we both agreed we didn't really think we had something in our wardrobes that might qualify. I sent a fill in the blank email for more information, this was the response:

Time: TBD
Activity: Dinner and Drinks
Location: TBD
Dress Code: Fancy (no jeans Sue or Purple!!).

Not really informative.Except that it shot the idea that I could wear my new dark jeans out the window.

On Wednesday Purple and I brainstormed a little more. She seemed to have something that might fit the bill, but last time I bought a dress was two years ago, and it was still in my closet with the tag on it. Plus the Pinks said they would be taking pictures. Especially since one never gets to go out as she has a young child.

It seemed to be a huge deal for them. I felt bad for not being as excited over the whole deal. I figured I would do my best to try and be excited and put some effort into this.

In other words: Go Pink for a few days.

I went shopping that day, found a black dress and accessories (I am thankful for the stores that carry everything). However I don't normally wear all black, even to a funeral. The lack of colour seems rather harsh on me, especially since I did my duty and avoided the sun as tanning is supposed to be bad. My legs in particular looked... well a little sick under the dress.

I however didn't feel great about the purchase, so I decided to bring the two options into Purple today and get her opinion (after verifying that yes the 2 yr old new dress does still fit). She choose the 2 yr old dress (which is colourful in a muted cute way), I sent the black home with her to try.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early bird doesn't get the worm...

One morning I went to get tea with the Pink sisters (ok they went to get tea, I went for the walk in hopes I would wake up a little). Once in the elevator one turns to me and asks, "Did you notice anything different about Barbara?"

Inwardly I groaned, it was barely 8 am, way to early to play guessing games. To amuse her however I made a feeble attempt to try and notice something. Shoes seemed like any other shoe, she was wearing black as per normal, and her hair looked to be the same as the day before. 

"Nope, sorry, I give up." Really way to early for this crap.

Sally was so excited, "See Barbara I told you they looked natural!!" She then informs me that Barbara is wearing false eyelashes.

I was so glad the elevator opened at that moment because I was at a complete loss as to what to say to that. Does anyone notice fake eyelashes? I guess maybe if they were bright pink... but black on black?? Really?

I'm back to 8 am is too early for guessing games.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Singledom from his point....

One day I had woken up in the middle of the night with a migraine. I promptly popped some meds and called into work, letting them know I may or may not be in.

The pills finally kicked in and I got some sleep. I was able to amble into work at 10 am. I put in a sick leave request, which was approved by my supervisor.

However later in the afternoon, he came to me and said I didn't need to put in a request, I could just "Stay late, because you are single, and doesn't matter if you are late."

Ok first off, I'm not single, I just don't happen to currently live in the same city as my boyfriend. And secondly, since when does someone's time become less valuable because they are single?

Single or not, I don't want to be at work until 6 pm on any given day. I have much more interesting things I'd rather do, like blog about it.

One of these things...

I had another "One of these things is not like the other" moments. At a going away party on the weekend with friends, I was the only person sitting at the table out of 8 who did not own an iPhone. (Though I am to inherit one shortly).

And I just realized how sad it was that all 8 had their phones out so much so that I noticed that I didn't have one... actually to be honest I didn't even have my cell phone with me that night. Figured no point in bringing it to a party.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attenion EVERYONE!

One of my friends was sent for some training for work, however this training went a half hour past her regular work hours, and as she discovered on the first day, made her a little late for picking up her daughter from daycare.

On the second day in preparation for leaving as soon as the day was over, she had closed her binder 5 minutes early as the trainer was doing their wrap up of the day and summary for the next.

The trainer stopped speaking when he noticed this, and told her in front of other co-workers in the training, "Do NOT close your book as I am NOT done for the day." She was a little shocked by this as other people had already left to go home as they could  not wait any longer.

The next morning when she returned for the final day of training, she could not find her binder where she had left it at her desk. As she looked around the room, she finally spotted her things. The trainer had moved her to the front of the room after training had been done, forcing her to sit in the front of the room for the final day. No one else was moved or had been spoken too about leaving early.

She was completely mortified by this. 

Upon hearing this story, I had to ask, "Did you need your binder during that last 5 minutes?" She said they did not as they had finished the work that day, people had left already and a couple others had their binders closed as well.

I guess some people use the power as they can. I would have been hard pressed not to discuss this situation after the class with the trainer and I would have moved my things back to where I was previously sitting. As moving her and no one else was not called for, especially since this is a work training session, not a formal education setting.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who is it?

Most people at one point or another is going to have a crazy stalker Ex. I had mine when I was 20. He was a brief blip on the radar and when I discovered him for what he was, I gave him the boot. It was a pretty big boot too, as his parents had to pay for him to fly back across the country (pretty sad considering he was 27 at the time).

After this, he continued to harass me at all hours of the day and night calling. I called the phone company to see how to rectify this problem, they gave me a solution of blocking the number he was calling from. I had blissful silence for awhile.

But apparently there is a glitch with that system, if a person is smart enough to figure it out, all you have to do is block your number before you call, and voila! Stalker boy is back in business.

During this time I was working two jobs, one evening and one over nights. Which results in some 18 hour shifts and a lot of odd hours of sleeping. After one of these double shifts, I was catching some shut eye before I headed home with my Mom for a quick 48 hour turn around on Christmas.

I was awaken by my phone ringing, and I automatically answered it, as I was waiting for my Mom to call. However it was a male voice on the other end. As I was still half asleep, I was confused and didn't know who was calling me. So I asked, "Who is this??"

Stalker boy replied, "It's Stalker boy, your ex, remember?"

And do this day this is still my favorite hang up on a person ever, I said it without the slightest hesitation, "Oh, f--- right off." And I hung up, then I laughed to myself and went back to sleep. It would be 2 months before he started calling again. Which is a story for another time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Justifiable I say

I'm going to pull back out a character I wrote about back in May. She was listed under "It's painful somedays".

For the blog sake, I will dub her Deb.  

To give an idea of a type of person I want you to envision here, I will have to share a few mini stories.

1) One day, while I was working on the data entry side of the job, I heard Deb on the phone, describing in detail all the ingredients that went into the Seafood Jumbo her fiance had created for their Easter weekend. She went on to ask the person on the other end, if they had "Gotten all buzzzzzzed up on chocolate?" She then said, "Ok, the reason I am calling is to check on your address..." 

At this point I put my head on the desk for a moment, because I just realized she was on a business phone call, and had just talked the ear off the person unfortunate enough to have answered the phone. I was so embarrassed that she was the one Management had decided to put on the phones to represent us. (This was after she had failed miserably at doing any other job we had, I guess they figured she was a talker, so the phones would be the best place for her).

2) Deb one day got it into her head, that her son, 21, should be set up with our resident blond waif, who had just turned 22. She was talking him up for quite sometime, and Sparky was doing her best to be polite, but after an hour, she finally asked if she could go to our mailroom to have a break (which had to be the most boring of all we did). We found out later, the "selling" point on the guy was that he had actually finished High School, but was still working on getting a job. Still trying to figure out how that was supposed to impress.

3) Apparently Deb must have taken it personally that Sparky didn't want to date her son (didn't matter that Sparky had a long time boyfriend), because one day when Deb was doing what Deb does best, talking and not working. Sparky, hit her limit as work was way behind, so asked her to "Please help with the data entry."

Next thing Sparky knows, she's been pulled into the office with the Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead and Deb. She's being told to "apologize" to Deb for asking her to do her work in front of everyone. Sparky was not allowed to defend herself during this time, however Deb was allowed to speak freely. Sparky spent an hour crying in a bathroom stall that day.

4) One day Deb, was trying to find out a few clients current addresses. However her method for acquiring this information was confusing the clients. Most of them were able to figure out what she was asking, but she had one place stumped for quite some time, by asking "What is your physical address?" When that did not get the response she was trying to elicit she tried asking, "If I were to drive to your location, how would I get there?"

Finally the client figured out what she was asking, but after 45 min of listening to this painful questioning, with no "coaching" coming form either the Supervisor or Team Leader in sight. I finally bit the bullet and gave her some advice, "Deb, instead of asking everyone for the driving directions to their businesses, why not ask them for their mailing address, might make things a little easier."

So after having been through all of that on a daily basis with this woman, I was not surprised to find a note one morning, from one of the nicest, most patient people I have met after having worked a night shift with Deb. It read, "If you had found her cold, hard, dead body in the morning. It would have been a justifiable homicide."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The thistle

So someone may have wondered why I choose a thistle flower as my photo. Few reasons:

a) my boyfriend is Scottish, and gotta love them for having a thistle as their national flower.

b) I can be prickly.

c) The thistle that grew in "my" (meaning my brother's) backyard last year was a thing of legends. It stood about 6 1/2 feet tall and 3 + feet wide. It was so huge that I had to do a video to bring into work so people would believe me. And considering what a thorn in my side my brother can be a times (e.g. for not ever mowing the yard despite owning two lawnmowers), I thought it apropos.

In case you are still wondering really how large this could be, I imagined it was only moments away from growing a personality, and taking over the backyard. I could picture it towering over the pool and throwing thistles and anyone who dare try and enter. Yes, it was that big.

I came across a picture of the thistle, this was not as large as it got, but it does give an idea. That fence is 6 feet tall.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

One of these things...

While on our way to the movies one day, my sister was really excited because she could play the new Eminem CD she had gotten, as normally she has her kids with her and the lyrics were too graphic for them.

A couple days later driving with my brother, he was excited to play the new Eminem CD he had just downloaded on his iPhone. I mentioned that one of our sisters had it but could not play it because of the kids and then he tells me that our other sister has the same problem...

And then I had the following song run thought my head:

"One of these things is not like the other...." as I did not know about this CD coming out until they talked about it and was not going to be downloading it for myself at any point.

Radio contest

Local Radio station had a contest to win a trip to the Big Apple. One of the morning qualifiers was a "motor-boating contest" in which you had to motorboat your partner. Now I was slightly puzzled by this challenge and a lot of guys were calling in and failing as they didn't have a partner.

Finally later that morning they had a winner, but because of what happened they decided to play it again the next morning. A girl called up with her girlfriend and proceeded to motorboat her. The guys on the station were drooling over this whole bit. I however was still puzzled, even after listening to the motorboat.

I broke down and asked my friends to please clarify the situation... and I'm still laughing about what it is!! For those of you who are puzzled:

Proper Motor boating etiquette dictates that a woman squeeze her chest together and upwards allowing ample room for another party to raspberry them vigorously.

It's painful somedays.

One of my friends has recently returned from a 9 month maternity leave and has discovered a few new faces amongst the people in her group.

She smelled one the other day when she went in the kitchen, actually his BO was so bad, she jumped as she was caught off guard by the odour. He thought this was really funny that she jumped (apparently he was oblivious to his stench).

And as he walked by her he gave her a "friendly" punch in the shoulder. But actually hit her hard enough to hurt. She said as much to him, he just laughed and walked away, leaving her standing there with a sore shoulder amoung the Eau de BO.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Where is your line?

A few of us decided to go on a shopping spree at lunch time at Walmart. Ok so it's not a shopping spree, more like speed errand running lunch. While we were there I decided to pick up a frozen pizza for supper, as I would be able to keep it in the freezer at work until it was time to go home.

As I carried my my pizza and other miscellaneous purchases to the kitchen, I joking was thinking, "No one better steal this pizza, 'cause it' my supper!"

Then as I was microwaving my lunch I noticed a sign posted in the kitchen with the title "THIEVES BEWARE!" It was warning us that someone has been stealing the coffee, milk, sugar, spoons and the coffee fund money.

I had to shake my had at the stupidity of people sometimes and chuckle because my pizza might actually be under treat of being stolen.

An hour later, I made a trek back to the kitchen to reassure myself the pizza was still in the freezer, and I wouldn't be taking home an empty box for recycling. It was there, safe and sound. However when I looked on the microwave, I noticed that someone had left their car keys.

I was laughing that someone really wanted to tempt this thief with leaving a set of keys around... and then I stopped. Those were MY keys!! With all my bags, I must have forgotten them in there.

I brought my keys back to the desk, wrote the girls about my idiocy of leaving them in there and one of my co-workers had written back. She had come down earlier to my desk to pick something up and had heard people discussing how someone had left their keys in the kitchen. I was a little mad about this, why wouldn't someone pick up the keys and bring them to one of the Admins and ask them to send out an email to the floor? Why did they just leave them there if they were so concerned?

24 min later, an email went around to the floor, saying someone had forgotten their car keys in the kitchen and please pick them up. I'm glad they were so prompted on informing everyone.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Technology, ain't it grand?

I'm an early to work person (do not confuse this with a early morning person, two different things!) and one day I was in the kitchen, waiting for my bread to toast. It was early, so no one else was in, and it was very quiet. As I was washing off my spoon, the kitchen was filled with the sound similar to a truck backing up. I yelped slightly and jumped before realizing this was the toaster.

A light had light up on it as well, after about 5 seconds my toast popped out. I was now pretty grumbly that the toaster had scared the beejezus out of me. So I sent off a rant to a couple old co-workers about the toaster who's intent is to give everyone a phobia of toasters. (I imagine my cats would pee their pants and run if they heard this thing, and potentially take it out during the night so it could scare no longer).

My friends had a good laugh on my account and wrote, "I believe this to be a toaster model made for the new generation: shinier, louder and with useless features."

Testing this theory, I went back to exam the toaster as there were a number of buttons in it, however I had not looked at them closely. I came up with:

Snowflake symbol: Misleading symbol, I think a melting snowflake would make more sense, as the toaster heats things up, not freezes them.

Bagel symbol: Would be a nice feature if your bread were to turn into a bagel, in any flavour you should desire.Otherwise useless, I didn't notice and different when I tried bread on that setting.

The Doom symbol: AKA cancel (sadly forgotten to have written it's description).

Last symbol... a piece of bread with a wavy line underneath and a triangle inside. I'm still puzzled by this one, I figure that this one must have been created by someone forming in the construction business, as those signs hardly ever make sense.Couldn't even figure out a word to describe it. Useless symbol? Fill-in-the-Spot symbol?

Theory back on this toaster was now: this maybe an elite toaster military in origin from Bizaro World and to beware! (Well was actually told to RUN!).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To have or not to have?

I've found in the city I live in that people are somewhat conservative and it's a bit difficult to make new friends outside of work. I soon discovered two reasons why this was:

1) Everyone I worked with was from this city, so they still had their same friends from when they were in Grade School. No room for new ones.

2) I'm at the age where most people have children... and I don't. 

It's point #2 which brings me into my blog. I didn't realize my not having kids was really an issue, until:

There were 6 of us at lunch one day, all women, out enjoying sometime away from the office. During talks about the upcoming weekend, two of the women realized they were going to be camping at the same campground. They were pleased as punch to discover this, making plans to get the kids together. Another had planned on going camping but hadn't decided on a campground yet, so she decided to check the availability and join up as well. Then they turned to the other two ladies and asked if they wanted to come out for the day, all the kids can play and the adults can hang out.

If you counted the math, that's 5 out of 6. I was #6 and was not asked or included during this conversation. Pretty sure I could have walked away from the table and no one would have noticed.

The next time a large group of us were out, one girl was talking about how she was doing a Tinkerbell themed party for her. I happen to have a Tinkerbell cake pan, which I asked if she'd like to borrow. She was ecstatic to find a pan and happy that I had offered.

She then proceeded to invite the other six women at the lunch to her daughter's birthday party. Even though most of them had never met her daughter before and did not hang out after work with her.

I again was not asked. I was fairly shocked by this as the girl in question actually was a pretty good work friend and though we had not yet done anything after work, we were making plans to do so. Also I do have a lot of nieces and nephews that I could borrow on short notice if needed for any age group almost, so if that was a pre-req to go to the party...

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but I didn't think not having kids would be held against me.  Who new it was the equivalent of almost being a leper?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forget-me... what?

I'm not sure what happened when I left work today, but it appears my brain took a slight hiatus.

I got to the gym and it was of course down pouring. I grabbed my jacket, but dismissed my water bottle as I wanted to bring in my Gatorade I had with me... well I didn't bring in the Gatorade or the water. I only realized when I got to the elliptical. And there was no way I was going back outside at that point. Also realized half way through my cardio that I forgot to charge my iPod on the way, so it died and I was then forced to listen to very bad work out music that was provided.

Afterwards I stopped to pick up chicken, milk, eggs, mayo and bread at the grocery store. I left without getting the Chicken or the eggs (ironic it was those two). So I went to the next grocery store as I was too embarrassed to back into the one I left.

Wasn't until I walked into the house that I was like "D'oh" because I forgot the Mayo.

And as I was going to bed I grabbed the glass from the side table went to the kitchen dumped the left over water, then promptly returned to the bedroom with an empty glass.

It made me chuckle, and thought hey I should blog about that tomorrow, then realized I might forget, so better do it now! 

--- Discovered the next morning that I had forgotten to put the clothes I had washed into the dryer. Realized when I went to get my shirt I had planned on wearing. *sigh*

Me vs the Dentist

A co-worker brought her son in for his first dentist appointment today. He did amazingly well, I on the other hand felt a little nauseous just at the thought of the dentist.

Here's the deal, when I was 4 or 5 I was at the dentist, and they wanted to give me a fluoride treatment. However since they only had Grape and Bubblegum, my Mom told them not to give me any because I was allergic to the colouring in the dye.

Since my Mom wasn't allowed in the room, she did not realize that the Dentist decided to go against her wishes and gave it to me anyway. Of course I threw up, which upset me (as to this day throwing up is one of the worst things I can do). So when he tried to do something else in my mouth. I bite him. - Yeah I don't feel bad about that. He kind of deserved it in my mind.

My Mom had then to find a new dentist. And from then on I hated every dentist on principle. Even the one who was my neighbour. All the more reason for me to floss, less visits.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From Scratch or Store Bought?

A friend one day said she was going to attempt to make her own marshmellows that weekend. I must have had a odd expression, because she asked me if I didn't think this would be a good idea...

My thoughts were that, yes it would be interesting, however, how much time, money and energy goes into making marshmellows from scratch? When you can just buy them for like $1.50 at the store?

That made her stop and reconsider the idea as she didn't think about the cost of ingredients to make it herself vs the store bought ones before.

And based on the ingredients, it appears I was right in this case, home made marshmellows would cost more... and I'm not certain how they would turn out...

  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp light corn syrup
  • 1.5 cups water, divided in half
  • 4 tbsp unflavored gelatin
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • 2 egg whites, room temperature
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  • 1/3 cup cornstarch
  • Additional flavoring or coloring, optional
  • candy thermometer

Monday, August 8, 2011


Sadly I seem blog-less today. Which is surprising since I had to deal with an upset co-worker, go to the gym, talk to my Mom and deal with my brother for a little while. You'd think something would either make up a good blog or at least churn up something in the old memory bank.

What a disappointing day. Even my cats were boring!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Communication is key

At one of my jobs there was a serious lax in communication. On my last day the director rushed up and thanked me for all I had done and wished me well. She was a little dismayed when I said I didn't expect much of anything in way of a going away from the supervisory staff (as they had been lacking somewhat of late of being support of the staff, it was actually co-workers who had been arranging all the goodbyes recently). She again thanked me and rushed off.

During my exit interview, surprisingly the manager gave me a "gift" from the company. I was pretty taken back as I had not yet heard of someone getting a gift from this group, or at least not in our section. I thanked her very much for it (and wondered what the heck do you do with a glass plate with Inookshook's surrounding the outside).- no offense to the Inookshook, they are cool, I just don't like dust collectors.

Near the end of my shift the Director ran up to be very excited, as she had called our sister company in another city and had them rush me down a gift as a thanks. I had a pit of dread in my stomache as the box she was holding looked very familiar. She insisted I open it... and what do you know. It was a duplicate of the gift I had opened earlier.

Now, debate time, do I tell her thanks, but I already received such a gift and embarrass her. Or do I take it and let them figure out they gave me two. Or do I accept it then leave one behind when I leave with a note?

I took both. I figured, well, they proved my point on the lack of communication (which I had discussed in length in the exit interview).

Side Note: That night one of the girls who had previously worked at the company longer than I did was very bummed that she never received anything from them during her time there. So on her next birthday, as a joke, I gave her one of the gifts (still in it's original packaging, imagine that!!).

Then three weeks ago I get a text message from an old co-worker at the company, someone was about to retire and they wanted to know if they could buy the last gift off me. I laughed, I'm like pay me?? No way!! You can have it! And it was shipped the very next day to it's new owner. Who laughed long and hard about his gift...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Where is your line?

While driving home tonight I had a sports car cut me off, then weave back into the other lane. He had no compunction about speeding, cutting people off. However the far lane from me was the bus lane, which was empty. This guy preferred to speed, weave in and out of traffic, narrowly missing causing car accidents, yet he somehow felt that abusing the bus lane was beyond what he was comfortable with.

In the end on the highway, he had gained himself 3 car lengths and about 10 seconds time. But had caused almost 5 accidents to get it.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Canasta players

Everyone once in awhile I like to play cards online. Canasta is one of the games I enjoy, especially playing a 4 player game (partners). One day while playing, 1 person from the other team accused my partner and I of cheating.

Now lets get a couple things straight, this a free online, unranked game we are playing, no money exchanging hands or anything. And we are being accused of cheating. A lot of effort to go through if you ask me.

Kicker, my team was losing at the time we were accused of cheating!! Apparently I am evidently a very poor cheater, LOL.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random 2

My brother and I came home late from a movie to find a pair of dirty rubber boots randomly laying in our shared driveway. My friends and I came up with a few theories on where the boots came from:

Alien Abduction (when all else fails, blame the Aliens)
Boot Throwing Contest
Spontaneous Combustion
Cootie Booty Call


One night while at the movies with some friends, as the previews were playing, we heard a scream from the entrance. Everyone in the theater looked towards the entrance but could not see anything.

Next thing we know, I'm hit by a 1/2 bag of popcorn from the entrance. I made the room laugh when I offered up the popcorn. We had to laugh about it for the rest of the night because it was so random.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Sisters

The day I made the Pink Theory my sister decided we should go see "Friends with Benefits". We called out other sister to come with us, however my brother misunderstood who was attending and said he would tag along. He was trying to give support to my Brother in Law who he thought was going as well. I'd have preferred Captain America, but the two sisters out voted me.

We came home before the movie as it was a few hours to kill, and he realized it was just going to be the sisters, so he backed out as he didn't care to see a chick flick.

My sisters called an hour before we were supposed to leave and asked if I wanted to go shopping prior to the movie. I reluctantly agreed. As I left my brother yelled up the stairs, "Have fun shopping with the Pink Sisters!!"- I had shared my theory earlier with him.

I groaned inwardly as I discovered they were taking me Shoe shopping. However my brother laughed a lot when he got my text message about where we were. Having nothing else to do, I looked for a pair of sandals to try on, found a pair that were really comfortable and showed my sisters. I was then informed I was not allowed to buy said sandals because they made my ankles look fat.

You know I heard jokes about girls staying stuff like that on like tv shows, movies, etc, didn't think we actually said it though. After one sister found a pair of sandals she could live with, we then had to stare at earrings, accessories and sunglasses. Surprisingly they ignored the purses. However each of them carry a massive bright coloured purse already (one bright pink (ironic) and one bright green), so maybe there was less urgency.

We finally went to go to the movie and my brother was still laughing about the Pink Sisters. However he expressed his happiness about missing out on the evening accidentally to my sister, she received the following text "I'm so f-ing glad I didn't come tonight!!" Well this caused a twitter between the two sisters, puzzled over why he was so excited that he did not come.

Meanwhile I'm texting him in the background asking if he sent the text to the wrong person. He laughed even harder when he noticed the mistake, said it was too bad it wasn't funny enough for

After the movie I had to hear about my sisters gushing over Timberlake, how good he looked, how they would sleep with him in a second. Meanwhile I was thinking I wish I had seen Captain America. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


After lunch, I was walking with the Pink girls in the parkade, and while in the stairwell, one of the girls, hit her purse on the railing. 

She then grabbed her purse, clutched to her chest, while the other one yelled "OMG is it hurt?? Did you hurt it??" I think she might have responded, "I don't know!!" But the frequency of their screeching was high pitched that I had no idea what they were saying anymore.

The rushed down the remaining flights of stairs screeching the whole time in a panic, clutching the purse. I'm meanwhile following, somewhat baffled at this display. It's a purse. Seriously.

Once we got out side, she examined it all over, and thankfully "it's ok, didn't get hurt." Meanwhile another friend had been walking outside the parkade and came over, telling us she could hear them in the stairs, they were that loud.

But it's ok, because the purse survived it's brush with the railing, so the world will continue on another day.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And one relates to the other how?

I'm not sure how people nail the timing just right. But I had gotten home from the gym 2 minutes prior and had just taken off my shirt for a shower. And the doorbell rings.

Of course my brother isn't going to answer, he never does, however he does meander up after the door is closed normally to see who it was. Annoying habit because if he was really concerned he should answer the door in the first place.

So the debate starts, put on a shirt answer the door. Answer the door in a sports bra and if it's someone who's say of a spiritual drive, they'll probably leave quickly. However my nieces like to pull random drop bys on their bikes. Plus my brother may meander up as I said. Or ignore the door.

I grabbed a shirt put it on. And found a guy standing there in a pink shirt, and I'm like, "What?" He asks me if I was in the middle of something, which I can understand why because I tend to be very red for awhile after doing sports of any kind, so I was slightly flushed. I told him I was about to step in the shower and again what did he want.

He then asks me if I knew my neighbors next door, I said sure, they are the renters. I didn't mention that I refer to them as the dude, girl 1 and girl 2. As that is all I know besides that they are renting from the owner and that they really need to learn not to put their garbage cans by my car. Plus I don't like answer questions to complete strangers... but then his next question threw me, he asked me if I liked massages, facials, etc.

I was a little surprised and a lot annoyed now,  so answered "No, I'm not interested." He said, "you don't like massages or facials??"

I said "No again, have a great day," then shut the door. Still not sure how that related to the neighbors, but as I said, don't really know dude, girl 1 and girl 2, so whatever right?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pink Theory

So I came up with the Pink Theory after a lunch with two of my co-workers. We had decided to go to the "old folks" home (aka the Mall) for lunch. However I needed to get gold sleeper earrings, so we also had to stop at a jewelery store.

I'm fairly certain I heard a squeal of delight from my co-workers desk to my own, even though we are on different floors in the building. The reasoning was, is that my boyfriend and I have recently started discussing rings. And they couldn't wait to get me into that store.

As I am trying to pay for my earrings with a store clerk who is either in need of an enema or good sex, not sure which, the girls were gushing over the rings, deciding what is "my type" that I should wear. Well I already knew what I kind of liked, very simple, square cut (which to my annoyance is referred to as Princess cut).Which was not at all like what the girls picked out, I tried on ring after ring coated in diamonds of one sort or another...

But the time I got to the girls they had rings lined up for me to try. I had to put each ring on, and bend my hand in such a way that would let them know somehow if the ring would suit my personality and look good. The girls had opinions on everything, were giddy, even though Ice Queen was still serving us (who btw had it in her head to make me try on a 1 carat diamond over and over).

Then the girls remembered that my boyfriend was coming into town soon, so they decided that they were going to take him ring shopping. I decided to put my foot down there, as they would mostly scare the pants of him, as it was my head almost hurt from all the excitement from the two girls and I was a lot less enthusiastic about any ring shopping. I didn't want him to go through the same.

On the way back to work in the car, the girls talked non-stop about the rings, how he might propose, and when. One of the girls also had already picked out her ring she wants (only $10k) and Ice Queen had informed her there were only 19 left in Canada. I'm not sure if she did that to scare the poor girl (which has worked) or to dissuade her from trying to get that ring.

Either way Ice Queen didn't win any points with any of us. But it was during that drive that I decided girls who get that hyper about stuff like rings, shoes and purses have got to be Pink! No other colour for them.

Monday, July 25, 2011

What colour are you?

So I developed a theory on girls, and what colour they are based on their personalities. I've decided to go with three colour system: Pink, purple and blue.

Pink: This is what you'd expect, the girls who love to shop, especially for shoes and purses. Can talk about shopping for those items for hours. Also scared of bugs. Very excitable bunch. Screechy at times.

Purple: Less excitable, still may have a couple Pink habits, like shoe or purse shopping, not usually both. But also does stuff like camping, hanging out, etc. Little more relaxed when it comes to fashion.

Blue: Relaxed group, hates shopping and discussing shopping. Rather spend the day outside by a lake or in a pool or at a movie then even looking shoes. Clothing of choice would be jeans. No screeching at all.

I thought I'd share this theory with you, as my theory has given me a couple funny stories since it's developed. To be shared another time.

The who what, in the what now?

So one of was telling me about her co-workers week. It started off great, she had gotten a new Lexus and was really excited. She brought it into work to show off.

However it wasn't until she got off the bus at the Park n' Ride that she remembered that she DROVE to work, didn't take the bus. Now she was across town, no car, and no way to pick up her daughter from Daycare. She called my friend panic, uncertain of what she should do.

My friend, after she stopped laughing was able to calm her down enough to get her to call another co-worker who lived near by and who could help get her daughter. 

Then a few days later she calls back my friend, and said, "You'll never GUESS what I did today!!!" Of course the first guess was forgot about her car again. But that was way off.

She was on her period and had to change her tampon, and when she got home was feeling... well lets just say way uncomfortable. So she went to the washroom and discovered the reason why. She forgot the cardboard applicator inside.

Needless to say she was very glad when the weekend came to close out the crappy week.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


I was seated at a bus stop on my way to work on day and a lady dropped on the bench beside me. I had my nose in a book, doing my best to look occupied as strangers have a habit of talking to me.

Alas today was to be no different. She eased me in slowly, by saying, "Hi, how are you?"

I should have trusted my instincts and pretended to be deaf or something, as an adult female carrying a "Hello Kitty" purse and dressed mostly in pink is most likely going to be missing screw or two upstairs.

I mumbled something intelligible in reply, most likely a "fine, thanks." Carefully not asking a question back as I do not want the conversation to continue, and went back to my book.

She went on to make comments about the weather, as it was a hot, sunny day, about how this bus stop in particular takes quite awhile, etc. My answers consisted of very short "yep" and returning quickly to my book.

And then it happened. She began talking about how she has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently, that she's had to have lot of evasive vaginal procedures done. Describing them in detail, at this point, my book was progressively getting closer to my face as she talked in hopes that she would clue in and stop talking. Or that my book would swallow me whole. 

During the most descriptive part, the bus ambling towards us. At this point debated whether or not I should skip it and wait the extra 20 min, which would also cause me to be late for work.

Figuring that being late most likely wasn't an option I dejectedly got on the bus behind Hello Kitty. I purposely walked past her and sat near the back of the bus. She followed and sat beside me (well across the isle as I left my bag on the seat directly beside me to avoid company). 

She then told me how her boss was getting fed up with her missing so much work, and how they wouldn't promote her past the kitchen in the fast food place she was working. She wasn't sure if she should stay there, but since she needed to have a few more procedures done, she wasn't sure she could get another job.

During this whole conversation, she repeatedly apologized for interrupting my reading. And my "I'm going to get back to my book now" did not stop the chatting. I noticed a few people snickering near by as they could over hear the conversation, and I'm sure were highly amused at my pain.

Hello Kitty luckily got off 1 stop away from where I was linking to another bus, as she was on her way to work. When I finally arrived at work, I made sure to let everyone know not to eat at Hello Kitty's work. When asked why, I replied "You really rather not know, trust me."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Strangers or are they? Take 2

One of the jobs I was working at included weekend hours, the sister company ajoined to us also had a few people working. I started chatting with one of the guys at the end of the day as we were getting ready to leave and he mentioned that he was frustrated with his name as no one could spell it.

I can greatly sympathize with him on this point and said so, then for the first time in my life, I said that I wish I had my Mom's last name because everyone can say and spell it, "Smith". So then he was like I know a few of those and asked where she was from. They were from the same province, however not from the same city.

Then he asked about my Grandparents, for the life of me I can never remember which city they are from, but when he my Grandfather's name, he was like "OMG, you don't mean Cpt. John Smith?!"

Which prompted me to say, "Well yeah, but we don't call him that, he's just Grandad." - Apparently he's a legend on his side of the family.

Turns out his Grandmother and my Grandfather are brother and sister. And I've been to his house a kid. We found each other across the country from where we were both from.

Monday, July 18, 2011

The debate...

So there was a ongoing debate one morning on the radio about whether or not guys should wear speedos at the beach. Calls were in support both ways over the matter. I, at the time was meh on the subject (might have been that it was early morning and forming a opinion while driving is too much effort). 

However, driving by one of my neighbor's the other morning definitely has given me an opinion that speedo purchases need to be monitored and regulated.

Can't say a 40 + slightly over weight, hairy dude looks attractive in a speedo. Guys should just realize, that only swimmers in the Olympics should be licensed to wear such a thing.

Girls like things to be left to the imagination... really, we do. Rather than have nightmare-ish images branded on our brains.

Work Out Music

I decided to have some fun when creating my work-out playlist, here are some songs I thought would make the gym that much more fun:

Under Pressure
Another One Bites the Dust
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
I Hate Everything About You
I'm On My Way
Just a Gigolo
Stayin' Alive
Barbie Girl

Hours of Operation are?

So my gym advertises on the outside that it is 24 hours in large type, but actually has the following hours of operation:

Monday 6 am to Friday 11 pm (24 hours)
Saturday 8 am to 8 pm
Sunday 9 am to 6 pm

Now is it just me, but isn't Monday 6 am to Friday 11 pm a lot longer than 24 hours?

We also have a restaurant nearby to the gym that advertises it's open 25 hours.

Does this restaurant have it's own time-space continuum that it has an extra hour a day that no one else has? That would really suck to be an employee!! 

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fastest way between two points is a straight line??

Spotted today on the way back from lunch: A lady who decided that she needed to get to a store across the meridian, so she went head on into oncoming traffic to cut a couple seconds off her life... oops sorry I meant her drive. (Think we lost a few seconds from the fright ourselves).

I am expecting her to either make one of the Worst Driver's Series or get entered as a Darwin Award.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strangers or are they?

Will waiting in an airport terminal I had a guy, I'll call him Bob, obviously airport personnel sit down beside me. The guy immediately across from us, Joe, also staff, recognized Bob right away. He said "Hi Bob" and proceeded to ask how he was doing, how the family was, all the typical conversation questions from people you see on occasion.

However I noticed that Bob beside me answered the questions, however his questions back seemed somewhat generic in kind, mostly work related, where they were flying etc. I began to have a sneaking suspicion that Bob could not remember who Joe was, which was amusing as Joe didn't seem to clue in. Even after Bob asked when the last time they saw each other was...

My suspicion was confirmed Joe went to the washroom and asked Bob to watch his bag, Bob snuck over to the bag and checked the name tag. I could not hold my laughter in, and Bob noticed me laughing, I assured him I'd keep his secret about not remember Joe for him. I somehow was able to maintain my mirth when Joe returned, not without some difficulty.

Trust, it's a fine line.

One of my sisters went was in a public washroom when a girl dashed into a stall, then yelled over, "Take my purse for me while I'm in here," and threw her purse over the stall door. My sister and another girl caught the purse. The other girl immediately began digging through the purse and opened the wallet. My sister made her put everything back and made sure the girl in the washroom got her purse back.

Not sure which is worse, the girl so trusting she gave her purse to random strangers, or the girl who had no moral conflict about going through a stranger's purse?

Sunday, July 3, 2011


A Miata with a "Meh" plate. Not very inspiring advertising for that car.

Not in an emergency.

One of the places I worked in required that everyone get Fire Extinguisher training. During the training the Fire Marshal described the different types of Extinguishers and how to use them. Before we got to actually each put out a fire, he asked one of my co-workers this, "You have a Chemical Fire Extinguisher in your hand and the guy next to you is on fire, what do you do?"
Her response was she wasn't sure. So the Fire Marshal responded, "Let me rephrase, you're on fire, he has the extinguisher, what do you want him to do?!"
She immediately said, "Put me out!"- The rest of us made note that she wasn't the person to have around during an emergency!

Which way??

I had arrived early to write an exam for a new job, so I was waiting outside the exam room in the seating area. I spent my time people watching those who were walking outside and trying to read a book. Suddenly the fire alarm system goes off.

However having been in a number of buildings in which there are many false alarms I questioned someone walking by if this was a building where people actually leave during a fire alarm, or one that you wait until you're told to evacuate. He told me they would announce if we were to leave. 

Less than 5 min later the power then goes out and they announced at this point to evacuate the building. As I am gathering up my things to leave, the room I was waiting to write my exam in empties. There is a lady leading people out, she then looks at the door leading directly to the outside and asks "Is this the closest Emergency Exit?"

My immediate reply was, "Well, I don't think you'll get any closer than this!!" as I pushed opened the door and left.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day to Everyone!

Smarty pants...

So I was going for a walk the other night and came across a skateboarder boarding in the middle of the road, wearing a completely black outfit. Maybe he was hoping the green tires on his skateboard would make him visible enough to vehicles.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Exhausting.

I'm amazed at how much energy it takes to be sick. Just laying in bed is an effort and then realizing you left the light on is an ordeal if you need to turn it off. This is when you wish the you had the power of psychokinesis. Or that your cats would magically be able to read your mind and jump up and hit the switch. Either power would work. I had debated all of this with my last bout of flu. I even debated texting someone to come and do it for me, however the thought of taking the phone and trying to spell was too much. And all the thinking of ways the light could get turned off without me was tiring, so I had a nap, with the light on.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How are you feeling?

I was fortunate to get the stomach flu at work one day,  I had let me manager know what was happening and took off home.

The next morning I let her know I wouldn't be into work that day either, and her response was, "If you are feeling lousy, stay home."

It's was the stomach flu not a vacation of course I felt lousy. LOL.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Merry Christmas

My first Christmas after my divorce, I wasn't in the mood to celebrate, and my Christmas gifts (though were given with good intentions) were not very helpful in cheering me up:

I received two end tables and a coffee table... I don't own a couch or an armchair or a futon...  you get the idea.

The last gift (the sister who didn't give it to me is still laughing at my reaction) was a cookbook and as I read the title I said, "Hahaha. Ah. Oh. Cooking for One??!" The sister who bought it realized her error in judging the gift at that moment with the look of disbelief on my face.

It's funny now looking back at it. But also a lesson learned on the part of my family. . . what not to get for gifts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green or Red?

While playing Apples to Apples with my few of my siblings (btw highly recommend this game, it's easy and fun!), I noticed my sister trying to slip her husbands Green Apple point card into her pile.

Of course I pointed this out, my sister defended herself by saying that my brother in law was "Touchy-feely" (as indicated on his card she was stealing). Then kissed him.

My response was to point at my card and read it "Awwwkward!" LOL for the rest of the night Awwwkward was the winning phrase.

Somethings are just better left alone.

One of my co-workers was telling me a story about her sister coming to visit. And how finally after almost 10 months she was returning the tent she had borrowed. She had helped them set it up so they could clean it out in preparation of going camping in a couple of weekends.

They had left the tent up overnight to allow it to air out and had planned on taking it down the next day. Well a severe thunderstorm watch come over our area, so my co-worker had planned on getting it in as soon as her husband arrived home (as it's 220 sq feet and really requires two people, btw I'm pretty sure I lived in an apartment smaller than that at one point).

When he arrived home, he went to change out of his work clothes quickly, but the storm had already started. As they debated going out into the rain to get the tent, even though it had been tied down, began to lift off. 

Just as they opened their door to go grab it, the tent flipped over the fence into their neighbours yard. They then discussed trying to get into that yard, even though the neighbour was not yet home. As they discussed this, the neighbours tree snapped and fell onto the tent. They decided to leave the tent until after the storm at this point.

I suggested that maybe camping might not be a good idea...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You find out who your real friends are...

So one day at work, two girlfriends and I were going out to lunch. In the parking lot a large 18 wheeler had pulled into the loading dock, but had do a u-turn to back in. To get to the parking lot we had to cross in front of the loading dock.

The truck started to come towards us, however stopped briefly, so we kept walking. I was last and the two others were in front of me when the truck started pulling forward again. One of my girlfriends started screeching (to be honest I have no idea what she said to this day as only dogs could hear on that frequency) and grabbed the other girl and put that girl between her and the truck.

They then scrambled to the stairwell as quickly as they could. I followed, barely able to walk because I was laughing so hard.  Then they argued up the whole way in the stairs about what had happened and why the one girl used the other as a shield. Her reasoning was if one of us goes down, both of us go down.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's all in the fun of getting home.

Fun driving observations: Running red lights is a rampant problem when even the Cyclists are doing it. City buses will stop at train tracks no matter if they are paved over and only Ghost Trains will be passing through. And 1 person pulled over for speeding on the highway is enough to put all lanes at a dead stop.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The skirt paranoia continues

I was brave enough to wear the notorious "Rachel" skirt back to work this week. I had gone to the washroom and was waiting in the hallway for a co-worker to come out, when I heard someone walking up behind me. I realized I had totally forgotten to check the skirt to make sure it wasn't caught yet again.

I checked so quickly that I threw the plastic container in my hand down the hallway. Luckily it didn't break, though I was fairly embarrassed when the guy walked by me, as he would have see the whole thing and probably wondered what the in the world caused the completely random-like spaz on my part.

The blog....

So blogging is actually work. I hadn't realized it would be. Because now when I hear funny things, I'm like hey that would be funny to blog about. Then I forget about it. I think I might have to acquire a paper blog log (say that three times quickly) to record the blog worthy events.

Gives me another excuse to shop for paper supplies, which I love to do, and a new pen. That's exciting!!

Much rather shop for a great pen then shoes.

The Challenge

So my brother got this challenge at work today. It's a Complaint Free World Challenge. Where you must go 21 days without complaining, because complaining is viewed as being very negative.

At supper he expressed his displeasure over the actions of a co-worker. Then was like, "Man! That was a complaint wasn't it? Now I have to change arms and start all over again..." followed by a little grumble on how hard it was. - Just me but doesn't that sound like a complaint, on the complaint free challenge? LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2011

FB Stalking Fail!

My little brother's girlfriend tends to update her Status on FB often. As he's been having a lot of health issues I check in with her every once in awhile.

However I realized that I had missed his birthday this year, but when I went on FB to wish him a belated birthday, I noticed I couldn't find his profile.

So I sent her a message to pass along to him, and asked when he dropped his profile. She wrote back that it had been over a year! Oops on my part, I never noticed!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rachel & Monica moments

The weather had finally been warming up, so I decided to wear a nice flow-y skirt to work one day. I went to the washroom in the morning, while washing my hands a lady walking out the washroom stopped just behind me.

She then said, "I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but trust me no guy would say this. But your skirt is caught in your panties."

I thanked her profusely, then rapidly fixed the back of my skirt, which was in fact totally caught and showing off my rear, before leaving the washroom. 

I went back to my desk to tell a co-worker of the near very embarrassing incident. As I was telling her she settled into her desk (she had just arrived). And I noticed that on her very nice new blouse, she had a button undone in a very revealing way.

I of course told her. For the rest of the day both of us were very paranoid with our wardrobe. Because of the humor of the situation, I emailed a friend of the incident to cheer her up, as she was having a bad week. 

It made her laugh, but also prompted her to share a story of her own. She was in a store that sells "delicates" looking around. Awhile after she left she noticed 3 young girls following her and laughing hysterically. Paranoid, she finally turned around and asked, "What is wrong?"

The girls pointed at her jacket and laughed, "You have panties stuck to the Velcro on your jacket."

Horrified at the fact she was running around a mall with panties on her jacket, but also over the fact that technically she had also stolen the panties, as she had not paid for them. She rushed back to the store and dumped them into one of the bins and left quickly.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you all here?

My boyfriend and I arrived at restaurant with another couple. Upon our arrival the hostess remark, "For four? Do you have a reservation?"

My boyfriend replied that we did, "Ben for four."

She then asked, "Has your whole group arrived?"

The four of us looked at each other and said, "Um, yes...?"

- Debated saying, no, one of us is actually just a stand in for the real person. We will keep their seat warm until they can arrive...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loki vs Odin

I went out with family tonight to see the movie Thor. We had to chuckle when my niece saw the preview for the movie and was like, hey! Our dogs are named Thor and Loki! How weird is that? Granted my niece is still fairly young, the knowledge of mythology limited, it amused the rest of us.

However we laughed even harder when we realized my other sister had a bird named Odin and she left it with my first sister to bird-sit while she moved. 

My sister (the one watching the bird) was home with her kids, she was cleaning the upstairs and my young nephew had gone downstairs to play with his puppy Loki. Anyway my Sister realized she hadn't heard them in awhile, so she called down to them to see what they were up to. Loki came bounding up the stairs, licking his lips.

My sister thought this was odd and when she looked closer she noticed a tuffed of blue out of the corner of his mouth. Now Loki, true to his name causes mischief by chewing everything, and specializes in eating stuffed animals, however my sister had a bad feeling about the blue. As she went down the stairs the feeling got worse. There was a blue feather.

When she got to the living-room, her fears were realized, my nephew had released Odin to play with, but Loki decided he needed a mid-morning snack instead and ate Odin. 

My sister groaned, she now had to call our other sister to let her know what her dog had done. Luckily we were all able to laugh about it. Poor Odin, little did he know what Loki had in store!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Crazy stalker guy mini...

I went out for lunch with a friend and when I arrived back at work I ran into the "crazy stalker guy" as I got off the elevator. He said, "Oh! There you are, I'm off for the rest of the day. Have a good weekend, I'm heading to TO." Then hopped on the elevator. I kind of stood there thinking... okay?

I'm not his supervisor, nor the Admin for the group and we hadn't talked to each other all day, so why would he be looking to tell me where he was going?

Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's painful somedays.

At one my jobs we were required to enter personal data on people. One day while working a co-worker was having difficulty entering the information into the system.

So she asked the girl sitting beside me and myself for help. However when she gave us the birthday, it was for later on in that year, so could not be the correct birth date. 

We realized this immediately and said, "You can't enter it, because it hasn't happened yet," in almost perfect stereo.

The girl said thank you, then continued to stare at her computer for a full minute. Then she said. "Oh! I see what you mean now!"

The girl next to me and I looked at each other in wonder. At this point, I slid my chair back and said it was time for my break.

To make things even worse for the girl, there had been a sticker on the page she was entering that noted the problem with the birth date and listed the correct date and was highlighted.

Some days jobs just aren't worth the pain.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

You wouldn't dare!

At work, I was requested to do some research on a subject. I had spent quite a bit of time looking for the information requested and was only able to find one relevant reference to what was asked. I sent the document off to print right away as it was close the time I would normally be leaving work.

I rushed into the printer room and when I checked the printer, I saw a huge stack of printing coming off. I inwardly groaned as the paper was legal size, colour and double sided to boot. I checked the page numbers... even worse than I thought. 156 of 203. I then looked at the list of print jobs. It would be est 4 minutes until it reached mine as there was another unfortunate sole behind this monster print job and in front of me. 

A lady wandered in, inquiring as to if her print job had been completed yet, she was the owner of the 203 pages. It was still waiting to finish. She mentioned she normally prints at the other end of the floor, however that printer was out of toner (no wonder when you print the size document she had). She mentioned she had toyed with the idea of taking the toner out of the printer I was standing by so she wouldn't have to walk all the way down here for her printing.

Inwardly I daring her to try and see how far she got before someone caught her. And pictured different evil ideas  I'd want to do to someone who would do something so petty. Just then the printer randomly decided to take a break from printing for a few minutes, I think it was it's own way of protesting the print job.

She then scrolled through the list of print jobs, as she had apparently sent a second item to print and wanted to see where it was. She noticed that were about 5 documents ahead of hers, mine included. Then she said, "Well I am supposed to be going home in about 2 min, but I guess I'll won't delete the other print jobs, I'll just wait my turn."

With this I envisioned giving her a clothesline to the throat followed by a flying elbow (I remember those from watching 80s wrestlying with my Grandfather when he was alive) after that comment, as there was no way I was going to allow someone to delete my print job after waiting for so long.

Her mammoth print job finally came to a halt and she excitedly grabbed it off the printer. Only to discover it had not printed in book fashion as she had wanted. I think she must have seen my eyes shooting death rays in her direction as she quickly followed up with, "But I guess I can deal with this and make it work." 

A couple of minutes later my print job finally was spit out of the printer, quickly followed by her second print job. I pulled her pages off of mine and handed them too her. The first page of her print job was a letter size picture of a little girls' face, in full colour of course. She quickly snatched the pages from my fingers and said, "Don't look at that!" Then rushed away to her desk.

Not sure what was more maddening, the fact that her monster print job that should have taken 4 minutes from my arrival took closer to 10, or that she had threatened to delete other people's legitimate work print jobs for her own personal non-work related printing just so she could leave work on time.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


A change from the stories that follow me, I've decided to instead dedicate "Just Breathe" by Pearl Jam to my friend who lost her husband. J, he will be waiting for you to arrive.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are you or aren't you?

For some reason most of the jobs I have include a lot of female co-workers. As you can imagine gossip rears it's head every once in awhile.

I was the subject of one such rumor apparently, as evidenced by the woman who came up and asked me if I was pregnant.

I replied no, I was not.

She replied, "Oh, because I was going to tell you that you looked really good if you were. . . "

( - Did that mean I looked bad because I wasn't?? LOL)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

And it all started with an email on cheese...

Not long after I started my temporary position, I ended up going to lunch with one of my male co-workers. He seemed to be the one man Social Committee for our team, so figured it would be fun.

During lunch he asked me a lot of questions on where I've lived, worked, etc, as it was known that I wasn't originally from this area.  He was really excited to find out that I had worked a stint with the Oil & Gas industry. He asked a lot of questions about what it was like, where we lived, etc. He seemed overly excited about the sexual harassment that can occur. This was a little unusual as  people don't usually seem eager to want to know more about this subject.

He was especially curious about the girls who worked there. As he had heard from a friend of his that the girls who worked there were especially "easy" (totally not the word he used, but I'm going to use a nicer version for this blog). He then said that this might be exactly something he needed, to go up there with those types of girls. At this point I had radars ringing all over the place. As I was certain I had previously seen him wearing a wedding band (I have a single co-worker from my previous job I always keep an eye out for and had marked him off the list early on).

However, I checked his hands and he was not wearing a wedding band. I then questioned myself on whether or not I had actually seen a band and thought I had made a mistake. On the way back to work, he talked about how each office has one girl who seems to be "easy". At this point I made sure I mentioned my boyfriend's name a few more times as I was to the point of being seriously creeped out.

He then explained to me that he and his wife were currently separated but were "working on things". (This explained the missing ring). - I'm still not certain how one "works on things" with one's wife when talking about wanting to work with "easy" women.

Once back at my office, I immediately fired off a message to my boyfriend telling him about this seriously creepy lunch I had. As he responded to me about this guy being "that guy" you avoid, I got a message from my co-worker apologizing for the lunch. Stating he didn't want to be "that guy". I did a complete non answer email back. Laughing that he had totally realized he had been "that guy".

His next email back however was to ask me out for drinks sometime after work. I told him, I would consider it, however only if he wife were to come along (as I didn't want to be "that girl" to her). - This was me be nice as I really wasn't considering ever going out with him.

He really surprised me in his reply when he seemed angry. He stated that he can have his own friends that have nothing to do with his wife, she doesn't need to know everything he is doing, etc. - I was like wow, this guys is nuts!!

Later that afternoon we had a mini coffee break to celebrate a team members birthday. And "that guy" was now wearing his wedding ring again and has worn it everyday since. 

All my friends still laugh and ask about my "crazy stalker guy" from work.