Monday, July 25, 2011

The who what, in the what now?

So one of was telling me about her co-workers week. It started off great, she had gotten a new Lexus and was really excited. She brought it into work to show off.

However it wasn't until she got off the bus at the Park n' Ride that she remembered that she DROVE to work, didn't take the bus. Now she was across town, no car, and no way to pick up her daughter from Daycare. She called my friend panic, uncertain of what she should do.

My friend, after she stopped laughing was able to calm her down enough to get her to call another co-worker who lived near by and who could help get her daughter. 

Then a few days later she calls back my friend, and said, "You'll never GUESS what I did today!!!" Of course the first guess was forgot about her car again. But that was way off.

She was on her period and had to change her tampon, and when she got home was feeling... well lets just say way uncomfortable. So she went to the washroom and discovered the reason why. She forgot the cardboard applicator inside.

Needless to say she was very glad when the weekend came to close out the crappy week.

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