Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pink Experiment #3

I finally make it home, completely exhausted from all the shopping (I stopped at a game story and bought PS3 game just to feel better about all the girl crap in my car).

However I was worried about this "dark" tan bottle, will it be too dark? So I decided I better try it out, while I did so, I put in a white strip (did you know some of those you have to wear for 30 min?! I didn't).

I also tried out the nail polish, and decided a sister is going to have to do the applying, as I think I might have been 12 the last time I attempted nail polish. Figured I better remove it as 1 gold nail might look odd at work tomorrow.

So I finally got to take out the white strip (thankfully, that causes a serious about of drooling! Not at all attractive). And I'm still trying to decide if my legs look tanned, orange, or the same. But one thing I did notice, the tan spray actually makes you sparkly.

So here is where I stand on my Pink Experiment:

Gold tinged cuticles on my left hand. 

Fancy sparkly gold knees.

Still in need of some kind of sweater for the dress.

I can't wait to get this getting ready part over with... as I've started 2 days ahead of time!! 

And I've discovered being Pink is a lot of work!! How do women do this everyday?? I'll be glad to be Blue again on Sunday. . . stay tuned for parts #4/5/6/7/8... lol however many parts it takes to get me through this!

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