Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Divorcees or Supervisors

So a few weeks ago I was set to go the Dentist (insert Jaws theme music), I had let my supervisor know about the appointment on the Friday prior and was discussing it with the other supervisor in our group, as I was (am) having an issue with a tooth. My supervisor came over, and I reminded him of the appointment time.

5 min later I get a scheduled meeting invitation smack in the middle of my appointment time. I was slightly annoyed because they both knew what time my appointment was, and I obviously couldn't make this meeting.

That afternoon my supervisor tells me about what happened, saying that it was really too bad I couldn't be at the meeting (well then don't schedule it when you know I have an appointment that you knew about! <insert annoyed explicative of your choice>) and tells me I will be helping out the other supervisor with creating/maintaining a contact list for a large external meeting (exciting stuff) for a meeting in February and it can wait awhile. I was like ok, sure, no problem.

However when I got the files I needed to create this list, my supervisor tells me that it is not a priority and that I have to continue working on the manual. I just shrugged, as he's the supervisor and no sweat of my back what I'm working on when really.

The girl supervisor (mine is a guy) asks me if I got all the information I needed, and I told her I had and would work on it when I was finished what I had that day. However my supervisor again changed what I was lined up to do next, so the contact list was pushed yet again.

Next thing I know, last Tuesday, the girl supervisor is at my desk, telling me to no longer worry about the contact list, she's going to have to create it. I thought this slightly odd... but said ok, no problem.

She then goes into a rant about how my supervisor had changed my priorities on me and that now she was going to have to do my work to get hers done on time as she has a deadline (first I'd heard of it). She also complained that she didn't know what his issue was, as he offered me to help out and then pulls me from the project and doesn't even tell her. Tells me she isn't mad at me (ok, thanks??), but is really mad at him, and questioning why he's behaving this way... I had no answers for her.

Then on that same Friday my supervisor meets with me over our upcoming work, and tells me that he spoke with the girl supervisor. He was like, I told her awhile ago that he pulled me from the project (not from what she said) and he didn't understand why she was so mad anyway. As he didn't think that it was a big deal if she pushed her deadline a week until my other stuff was done and I could help her. Said for me not to worry because he told her it was his decision and he took the heat on it (um, good??). Then ranted about how she was behaving lately and how he didn't understand what was going on with her.

Obviously neither supervisor knows that the other is talking to me about them... I just shook my head when I got back to my desk as it felt like I was a kid stuck in a tug of war with two divorced parents, instead of an employee at work.

All this drama over something that would maybe take an hour of my time.

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