Friday, February 10, 2012

Nails are the new dust bunny.

I've had an ongoing gross-ination with people and their finger/toe-nail etiquette.

First off, I do not understand guys who wear their fingernails long, maybe in other countries this is considered attractive, but here, it just looks gross when a guy's nails are longer than most women's. When you are capable of getting french tips, that's a hint it's time to trim.

Even with girls I have a hard time sometimes, when you have to awkwardly arch your fingers to try and type or you can't pick up a simple dime from the counter, maybe you are a bit extreme. And how does that feel comfortable? Don't you get annoyed that you can't type like a normal person? How do you not injure yourself doing normal daily tasks?

But this aside, it's how people take care of their nails that is baffling. Case in point, I just returned from the women's washroom where I discovered someone had obviously been trimming their talons in the stall, as they left their DNA all over the toilet paper roll dispenser. Never thought I should have to worry about sitting down on a fingernail.

My friends have come across more cases, the Pinks to be exact each have had issues. One girl while sitting at her desk reviewing a document had her cube-neighbour trimming her claws, when one bounced over onto her papers. Luckily she was able to bit back the yelp of surprise and dumped the offending object off into her garbage.

The other Pink on her first week of her new job walked by a cube only to witness something elbow deep in toe-jam trimming off her toenails at her desk. No one needs to smell you with your socks off working on that ingrown nail you should have taken care of at home.

Yet another friend had a person beside her on the city bus trimming away. She ended up moving so she wouldn't get nail clippings in her purse. Women have enough stuff in there as it is, we don't need to cart around someone else's cast offs.

There is a time and a place for these things and at work, or on public transportation isn't one of them. Sure if you've broken a nail, I can understand a patch up is necessary, nothing worse then a nail snagging everything around you, but that's only the extent is should go to.