Friday, August 19, 2011

Where is your line?

A few of us decided to go on a shopping spree at lunch time at Walmart. Ok so it's not a shopping spree, more like speed errand running lunch. While we were there I decided to pick up a frozen pizza for supper, as I would be able to keep it in the freezer at work until it was time to go home.

As I carried my my pizza and other miscellaneous purchases to the kitchen, I joking was thinking, "No one better steal this pizza, 'cause it' my supper!"

Then as I was microwaving my lunch I noticed a sign posted in the kitchen with the title "THIEVES BEWARE!" It was warning us that someone has been stealing the coffee, milk, sugar, spoons and the coffee fund money.

I had to shake my had at the stupidity of people sometimes and chuckle because my pizza might actually be under treat of being stolen.

An hour later, I made a trek back to the kitchen to reassure myself the pizza was still in the freezer, and I wouldn't be taking home an empty box for recycling. It was there, safe and sound. However when I looked on the microwave, I noticed that someone had left their car keys.

I was laughing that someone really wanted to tempt this thief with leaving a set of keys around... and then I stopped. Those were MY keys!! With all my bags, I must have forgotten them in there.

I brought my keys back to the desk, wrote the girls about my idiocy of leaving them in there and one of my co-workers had written back. She had come down earlier to my desk to pick something up and had heard people discussing how someone had left their keys in the kitchen. I was a little mad about this, why wouldn't someone pick up the keys and bring them to one of the Admins and ask them to send out an email to the floor? Why did they just leave them there if they were so concerned?

24 min later, an email went around to the floor, saying someone had forgotten their car keys in the kitchen and please pick them up. I'm glad they were so prompted on informing everyone.

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