Thursday, July 28, 2011


After lunch, I was walking with the Pink girls in the parkade, and while in the stairwell, one of the girls, hit her purse on the railing. 

She then grabbed her purse, clutched to her chest, while the other one yelled "OMG is it hurt?? Did you hurt it??" I think she might have responded, "I don't know!!" But the frequency of their screeching was high pitched that I had no idea what they were saying anymore.

The rushed down the remaining flights of stairs screeching the whole time in a panic, clutching the purse. I'm meanwhile following, somewhat baffled at this display. It's a purse. Seriously.

Once we got out side, she examined it all over, and thankfully "it's ok, didn't get hurt." Meanwhile another friend had been walking outside the parkade and came over, telling us she could hear them in the stairs, they were that loud.

But it's ok, because the purse survived it's brush with the railing, so the world will continue on another day.

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