Spotted on the way to work one day, a green sedan with the license plate "GREENPOO".

Jean advertisement heard on the radio guaranteed that the jeans would "shrink, wrinkle and fade."

A phone company advertising "free local calling, long distance and your own phone number!" - whose number are you supposed to get?

Instructions found on a bag of pasta, "Pour pasta into boiling salted water. Stir and let boil for the recommended time. Drain well, season to taste and serve." - Still wondering who is supposed to recommend the time, it's no where else on the bag.

Ad spotted on a sign, "Please come in and try our fresh stools." - it's advertising for a furniture store.

Label in my jeans states "The color of this product may transfer to itself or other objects. Avoid making contact with light-colored surfaces." Does this mean it shouldn't touch my legs??

An airplane that is Non-Smoking, Non-Smoking signs are light up everywhere and a warning not to smoke specifically in the bathroom. However has a functioning astray both outside and inside the bathroom door with a cigar lit. Is this a cruel way to tease the smokers?