Friday, August 26, 2011

Justifiable I say

I'm going to pull back out a character I wrote about back in May. She was listed under "It's painful somedays".

For the blog sake, I will dub her Deb.  

To give an idea of a type of person I want you to envision here, I will have to share a few mini stories.

1) One day, while I was working on the data entry side of the job, I heard Deb on the phone, describing in detail all the ingredients that went into the Seafood Jumbo her fiance had created for their Easter weekend. She went on to ask the person on the other end, if they had "Gotten all buzzzzzzed up on chocolate?" She then said, "Ok, the reason I am calling is to check on your address..." 

At this point I put my head on the desk for a moment, because I just realized she was on a business phone call, and had just talked the ear off the person unfortunate enough to have answered the phone. I was so embarrassed that she was the one Management had decided to put on the phones to represent us. (This was after she had failed miserably at doing any other job we had, I guess they figured she was a talker, so the phones would be the best place for her).

2) Deb one day got it into her head, that her son, 21, should be set up with our resident blond waif, who had just turned 22. She was talking him up for quite sometime, and Sparky was doing her best to be polite, but after an hour, she finally asked if she could go to our mailroom to have a break (which had to be the most boring of all we did). We found out later, the "selling" point on the guy was that he had actually finished High School, but was still working on getting a job. Still trying to figure out how that was supposed to impress.

3) Apparently Deb must have taken it personally that Sparky didn't want to date her son (didn't matter that Sparky had a long time boyfriend), because one day when Deb was doing what Deb does best, talking and not working. Sparky, hit her limit as work was way behind, so asked her to "Please help with the data entry."

Next thing Sparky knows, she's been pulled into the office with the Manager, Supervisor, Team Lead and Deb. She's being told to "apologize" to Deb for asking her to do her work in front of everyone. Sparky was not allowed to defend herself during this time, however Deb was allowed to speak freely. Sparky spent an hour crying in a bathroom stall that day.

4) One day Deb, was trying to find out a few clients current addresses. However her method for acquiring this information was confusing the clients. Most of them were able to figure out what she was asking, but she had one place stumped for quite some time, by asking "What is your physical address?" When that did not get the response she was trying to elicit she tried asking, "If I were to drive to your location, how would I get there?"

Finally the client figured out what she was asking, but after 45 min of listening to this painful questioning, with no "coaching" coming form either the Supervisor or Team Leader in sight. I finally bit the bullet and gave her some advice, "Deb, instead of asking everyone for the driving directions to their businesses, why not ask them for their mailing address, might make things a little easier."

So after having been through all of that on a daily basis with this woman, I was not surprised to find a note one morning, from one of the nicest, most patient people I have met after having worked a night shift with Deb. It read, "If you had found her cold, hard, dead body in the morning. It would have been a justifiable homicide."

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