Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's Exhausting.

I'm amazed at how much energy it takes to be sick. Just laying in bed is an effort and then realizing you left the light on is an ordeal if you need to turn it off. This is when you wish the you had the power of psychokinesis. Or that your cats would magically be able to read your mind and jump up and hit the switch. Either power would work. I had debated all of this with my last bout of flu. I even debated texting someone to come and do it for me, however the thought of taking the phone and trying to spell was too much. And all the thinking of ways the light could get turned off without me was tiring, so I had a nap, with the light on.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

How are you feeling?

I was fortunate to get the stomach flu at work one day,  I had let me manager know what was happening and took off home.

The next morning I let her know I wouldn't be into work that day either, and her response was, "If you are feeling lousy, stay home."

It's was the stomach flu not a vacation of course I felt lousy. LOL.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Merry Christmas

My first Christmas after my divorce, I wasn't in the mood to celebrate, and my Christmas gifts (though were given with good intentions) were not very helpful in cheering me up:

I received two end tables and a coffee table... I don't own a couch or an armchair or a futon...  you get the idea.

The last gift (the sister who didn't give it to me is still laughing at my reaction) was a cookbook and as I read the title I said, "Hahaha. Ah. Oh. Cooking for One??!" The sister who bought it realized her error in judging the gift at that moment with the look of disbelief on my face.

It's funny now looking back at it. But also a lesson learned on the part of my family. . . what not to get for gifts.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Green or Red?

While playing Apples to Apples with my few of my siblings (btw highly recommend this game, it's easy and fun!), I noticed my sister trying to slip her husbands Green Apple point card into her pile.

Of course I pointed this out, my sister defended herself by saying that my brother in law was "Touchy-feely" (as indicated on his card she was stealing). Then kissed him.

My response was to point at my card and read it "Awwwkward!" LOL for the rest of the night Awwwkward was the winning phrase.

Somethings are just better left alone.

One of my co-workers was telling me a story about her sister coming to visit. And how finally after almost 10 months she was returning the tent she had borrowed. She had helped them set it up so they could clean it out in preparation of going camping in a couple of weekends.

They had left the tent up overnight to allow it to air out and had planned on taking it down the next day. Well a severe thunderstorm watch come over our area, so my co-worker had planned on getting it in as soon as her husband arrived home (as it's 220 sq feet and really requires two people, btw I'm pretty sure I lived in an apartment smaller than that at one point).

When he arrived home, he went to change out of his work clothes quickly, but the storm had already started. As they debated going out into the rain to get the tent, even though it had been tied down, began to lift off. 

Just as they opened their door to go grab it, the tent flipped over the fence into their neighbours yard. They then discussed trying to get into that yard, even though the neighbour was not yet home. As they discussed this, the neighbours tree snapped and fell onto the tent. They decided to leave the tent until after the storm at this point.

I suggested that maybe camping might not be a good idea...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You find out who your real friends are...

So one day at work, two girlfriends and I were going out to lunch. In the parking lot a large 18 wheeler had pulled into the loading dock, but had do a u-turn to back in. To get to the parking lot we had to cross in front of the loading dock.

The truck started to come towards us, however stopped briefly, so we kept walking. I was last and the two others were in front of me when the truck started pulling forward again. One of my girlfriends started screeching (to be honest I have no idea what she said to this day as only dogs could hear on that frequency) and grabbed the other girl and put that girl between her and the truck.

They then scrambled to the stairwell as quickly as they could. I followed, barely able to walk because I was laughing so hard.  Then they argued up the whole way in the stairs about what had happened and why the one girl used the other as a shield. Her reasoning was if one of us goes down, both of us go down.

Monday, June 6, 2011

It's all in the fun of getting home.

Fun driving observations: Running red lights is a rampant problem when even the Cyclists are doing it. City buses will stop at train tracks no matter if they are paved over and only Ghost Trains will be passing through. And 1 person pulled over for speeding on the highway is enough to put all lanes at a dead stop.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The skirt paranoia continues

I was brave enough to wear the notorious "Rachel" skirt back to work this week. I had gone to the washroom and was waiting in the hallway for a co-worker to come out, when I heard someone walking up behind me. I realized I had totally forgotten to check the skirt to make sure it wasn't caught yet again.

I checked so quickly that I threw the plastic container in my hand down the hallway. Luckily it didn't break, though I was fairly embarrassed when the guy walked by me, as he would have see the whole thing and probably wondered what the in the world caused the completely random-like spaz on my part.

The blog....

So blogging is actually work. I hadn't realized it would be. Because now when I hear funny things, I'm like hey that would be funny to blog about. Then I forget about it. I think I might have to acquire a paper blog log (say that three times quickly) to record the blog worthy events.

Gives me another excuse to shop for paper supplies, which I love to do, and a new pen. That's exciting!!

Much rather shop for a great pen then shoes.

The Challenge

So my brother got this challenge at work today. It's a Complaint Free World Challenge. Where you must go 21 days without complaining, because complaining is viewed as being very negative.

At supper he expressed his displeasure over the actions of a co-worker. Then was like, "Man! That was a complaint wasn't it? Now I have to change arms and start all over again..." followed by a little grumble on how hard it was. - Just me but doesn't that sound like a complaint, on the complaint free challenge? LOL