Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Pink Experiment Final Installment

Today was the big day. I woke up groggy and cranky from a bad night sleep which was riddled with nightmares. I forced myself to get up for a couple of hours, promising myself a nap later on for the big night. Didn't happen.

Since I have two sisters, both Pink, I had enlisted their help in getting ready today. One was on hair, the other on eyes and nails. The one on eyes and nails decided that she didn't want to have to rush home, so she wanted to do her thing before she went out. She informed me at 12:30 she might be doing it early. I was in bed at this point hoping to fall asleep. 1:00 she told me she'd be at my place in 30 min. 

I groaned at this text message, really not wanting to have to get up as I was exhausted. And because of the timing this meant no leisurely bath to relax in before prep time. So I hoped into the shower to quickly get ready, then get out everything I think she would need. Also remembered to put on foundation around my eyes before she arrived.

I had also attempted to use my new fancy eyelash curler. But gave up after a few minutes as I simply didn't seem to be able to capture any eyelashes and get them to curl. 

Just before she arrived I got a text from Purple saying she thought it was going to be too cold and she as well was going to be wearing pants. This really got me frustrated, there was no way I was changing my outfit at this point, after having spent over $100 just to accessorize, etc for it.

First thing she wants to do is my nails, so they can dry while she does my eyes. She's brought along a base coat because I didn't mention I had picked that up. I had to ask what it was for, apparently it's to protect your nails, and such from the colour sticking. Also you should put a top coat on as well over the colour to help prevent from chipping.

This is when I realized why I don't do my nails. 3 coats just to get funny colour fingers? I'm ok with skipping that.

She wanted to start with eyeliner, I had forgotten to bring that out, went found the bag with it in it, promptly ruined one of the wet nails. Then she is telling me to look all around while she works. I did mostly enjoy the "look up" then followed by "but not with your eyes open". What is that supposed to be translated too? Tilt your chin up, eyes closed. Clear as mud.

Finally she had the colour on, then of course I had forgotten the mascara, went track that down. And we were done. She said I might have to touch up later before I left (as it was 5 hours before I was going to have to be at the restaurant). I ignored this. Touching up was not happening.

My other sister asked me to go to her place for 4. I had planned on leaving from her house to the restaurant. Took 3 trips to my car as I kept forgetting things, like the bracelet and watch, hair straighter and hairspray and finally the shoe inserts.

While she was doing my hair, I realized I left the GPS at my place and would have to return anyhow. She did get to see the complete outfit with toe-killer shoes and everything. Her sentiment was "Wow! You don't even look like you!!" I guess that's a good thing?

She also gave me a clutch to use (I didn't realize this was a flat like small purse/large wallet), was just told by a Pink yesterday I should use one as it would look better. I didn't want to say I didn't know what this was, but texted my sisters asking if I could borrow one. They both had some I could choose from. 

Made it to the dinner, luckily I got into the parkade across the street, as the shoes, with special inserts were now trying to snap off the Little Piggy Who  Went Wee Wee All The Way Home.

The girls were all suitable impressed with my look, loved everything. Which really, the least they can do considering I had started to get ready two days ago!! And in the end everyone wore either dresses or skits.

Supper went over ok, the food was only alright. But we had fun chatting, and hanging out. Had a few photos taken. One of the pinks decided we needed full stand up photos, so I made them decided while we were sitting where we would do these, as after two trips on stairs, my leg muscles were burning with effort in the 5 inch heels, and the Little Piggies were on their last legs.

Finally managed to make it to my car after a brief confusion on where to find the parking pay station. (I just realized I forgot to take a photo of the signs). One sign pointed to the right and the other pointed to the left... with nothing but empty walls between them, leaving me somewhat confused on where to go (turns out it was around the corner form the go Left sign). With a huge sigh of relief I removed the shoes and slide on some flip flops for the drive home.

When I arrived home, Purple had texted us saying she had a great time, but next time, we need to wear pants and flats so we can stay out later than 10 pm!! I whole heartily agreed.

Pink Experiment has come to an end. And I'm very happy to say it was a success, but I can't imagine trying to do this more than once a year. If that. But I do have admiration for those women who can do this everyday. That takes a lot of commitment and perseverance on their part.

Side Note: We had a conversation about a television show tonight, so I went to look up some info when I got home. On the side there was a picture of a lady using an Eyelash curler... reason why I couldn't get mind to work earlier was I was doing it backwards! LOL

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