Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Strangers or are they?

Will waiting in an airport terminal I had a guy, I'll call him Bob, obviously airport personnel sit down beside me. The guy immediately across from us, Joe, also staff, recognized Bob right away. He said "Hi Bob" and proceeded to ask how he was doing, how the family was, all the typical conversation questions from people you see on occasion.

However I noticed that Bob beside me answered the questions, however his questions back seemed somewhat generic in kind, mostly work related, where they were flying etc. I began to have a sneaking suspicion that Bob could not remember who Joe was, which was amusing as Joe didn't seem to clue in. Even after Bob asked when the last time they saw each other was...

My suspicion was confirmed Joe went to the washroom and asked Bob to watch his bag, Bob snuck over to the bag and checked the name tag. I could not hold my laughter in, and Bob noticed me laughing, I assured him I'd keep his secret about not remember Joe for him. I somehow was able to maintain my mirth when Joe returned, not without some difficulty.

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