Wednesday, June 8, 2011

You find out who your real friends are...

So one day at work, two girlfriends and I were going out to lunch. In the parking lot a large 18 wheeler had pulled into the loading dock, but had do a u-turn to back in. To get to the parking lot we had to cross in front of the loading dock.

The truck started to come towards us, however stopped briefly, so we kept walking. I was last and the two others were in front of me when the truck started pulling forward again. One of my girlfriends started screeching (to be honest I have no idea what she said to this day as only dogs could hear on that frequency) and grabbed the other girl and put that girl between her and the truck.

They then scrambled to the stairwell as quickly as they could. I followed, barely able to walk because I was laughing so hard.  Then they argued up the whole way in the stairs about what had happened and why the one girl used the other as a shield. Her reasoning was if one of us goes down, both of us go down.

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