Sunday, May 15, 2011

Loki vs Odin

I went out with family tonight to see the movie Thor. We had to chuckle when my niece saw the preview for the movie and was like, hey! Our dogs are named Thor and Loki! How weird is that? Granted my niece is still fairly young, the knowledge of mythology limited, it amused the rest of us.

However we laughed even harder when we realized my other sister had a bird named Odin and she left it with my first sister to bird-sit while she moved. 

My sister (the one watching the bird) was home with her kids, she was cleaning the upstairs and my young nephew had gone downstairs to play with his puppy Loki. Anyway my Sister realized she hadn't heard them in awhile, so she called down to them to see what they were up to. Loki came bounding up the stairs, licking his lips.

My sister thought this was odd and when she looked closer she noticed a tuffed of blue out of the corner of his mouth. Now Loki, true to his name causes mischief by chewing everything, and specializes in eating stuffed animals, however my sister had a bad feeling about the blue. As she went down the stairs the feeling got worse. There was a blue feather.

When she got to the living-room, her fears were realized, my nephew had released Odin to play with, but Loki decided he needed a mid-morning snack instead and ate Odin. 

My sister groaned, she now had to call our other sister to let her know what her dog had done. Luckily we were all able to laugh about it. Poor Odin, little did he know what Loki had in store!

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