Wednesday, July 27, 2011

And one relates to the other how?

I'm not sure how people nail the timing just right. But I had gotten home from the gym 2 minutes prior and had just taken off my shirt for a shower. And the doorbell rings.

Of course my brother isn't going to answer, he never does, however he does meander up after the door is closed normally to see who it was. Annoying habit because if he was really concerned he should answer the door in the first place.

So the debate starts, put on a shirt answer the door. Answer the door in a sports bra and if it's someone who's say of a spiritual drive, they'll probably leave quickly. However my nieces like to pull random drop bys on their bikes. Plus my brother may meander up as I said. Or ignore the door.

I grabbed a shirt put it on. And found a guy standing there in a pink shirt, and I'm like, "What?" He asks me if I was in the middle of something, which I can understand why because I tend to be very red for awhile after doing sports of any kind, so I was slightly flushed. I told him I was about to step in the shower and again what did he want.

He then asks me if I knew my neighbors next door, I said sure, they are the renters. I didn't mention that I refer to them as the dude, girl 1 and girl 2. As that is all I know besides that they are renting from the owner and that they really need to learn not to put their garbage cans by my car. Plus I don't like answer questions to complete strangers... but then his next question threw me, he asked me if I liked massages, facials, etc.

I was a little surprised and a lot annoyed now,  so answered "No, I'm not interested." He said, "you don't like massages or facials??"

I said "No again, have a great day," then shut the door. Still not sure how that related to the neighbors, but as I said, don't really know dude, girl 1 and girl 2, so whatever right?

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