Saturday, August 27, 2011

Who is it?

Most people at one point or another is going to have a crazy stalker Ex. I had mine when I was 20. He was a brief blip on the radar and when I discovered him for what he was, I gave him the boot. It was a pretty big boot too, as his parents had to pay for him to fly back across the country (pretty sad considering he was 27 at the time).

After this, he continued to harass me at all hours of the day and night calling. I called the phone company to see how to rectify this problem, they gave me a solution of blocking the number he was calling from. I had blissful silence for awhile.

But apparently there is a glitch with that system, if a person is smart enough to figure it out, all you have to do is block your number before you call, and voila! Stalker boy is back in business.

During this time I was working two jobs, one evening and one over nights. Which results in some 18 hour shifts and a lot of odd hours of sleeping. After one of these double shifts, I was catching some shut eye before I headed home with my Mom for a quick 48 hour turn around on Christmas.

I was awaken by my phone ringing, and I automatically answered it, as I was waiting for my Mom to call. However it was a male voice on the other end. As I was still half asleep, I was confused and didn't know who was calling me. So I asked, "Who is this??"

Stalker boy replied, "It's Stalker boy, your ex, remember?"

And do this day this is still my favorite hang up on a person ever, I said it without the slightest hesitation, "Oh, f--- right off." And I hung up, then I laughed to myself and went back to sleep. It would be 2 months before he started calling again. Which is a story for another time.

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