Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pink Experiment #2

Now I hit the problem, I have this 1 pair of high heels that are kind of cute to look at. The all girls seem to LOVE them. I on the other hand loath the shoes after only 1 wear, as these things hate toes. They are constantly trying to strangle my little Piggy Who Had None. Not sure what that Piggy every did to those shoes to deserve that treatment.

But because these are opened toed this won't allow me to wear nylons to cover the legs... so what to do?

Ah! I called a pink sister, she used something on her legs once and it looked cool. Spray tan thing. Armed with a name, I headed to a Drug Store to pick it up. Promptly left my phone in the car with the info on it, so I was left searching in the seriously expanded makeup section feeling a lot lost.

After 5 min, I discovered the nail polish section, which was to lead me to this spray tan (I should have asked for what it looked like), I found it finally, one said Nude and one Tan to Deep Tan. Well Nude seemed to be a moot point for what I wanted so I grabbed the other bottle.

Then I remembered that the eyeliner I have seem to have an annoying habit of not staying put and making me look like a raccoon after a couple hours. Now I'm back to the weirdly split up makeup area, with names I've never heard of, all I wanted was like Cover Girl or Revlon. Something normal. Finally I tracked it down.

While picking out eyeliner (thankful I only had two choices on that one counter). I realized I wasn't sure if I had lipstick still, or if I did I'm not sure how long ago I bought it (can lipstick go bad?!). So I tried to pick out a colour that seemed like it would look good.

Then remembered once that my hairdresser said that if you do a light lip your eyes should go dark (one or the other but not both). I groaned, because now I have brown, silver and purple colours at home. My dress is green with brown. Purple I wasn't sure would be allowed on this outfit. (Where is a Pink person when you need them ?!). So I bought a multi pack of greens and golds.

Figured since I went that far, I might as well buy nail polish too and polish remover (as I'm sure I'd want this stuff off ASAP). I found a gold that seem to be matching the makeup (are nails supposed to match, I don't know, but I'm going for coordination at this point). Then there were these eyelash curler things. I know one sister uses these. I'm not sure how. But it was 1/2 off. Added it to the pile.

Then I remembered that commercial where the girl freaks out because her teeth are not white enough for photos... and I'm like, well I think mine are white enough, don't drink coffee, tea or smoke. Ah, better get those white strips things.

I'm not sure exactly what all I ended up with, but I dropped a lot of stuff on the counter. The girl asked me if I wanted a bag for 5 cents. I gave her the "Of Course Moron" look. I also didn't look at the bill, but I was impressed I got a lot of it on sale!

I remembered at this point that my pink sister, who once found out what shoes I was going to wear, suggested that I get Shoe Brakes, some flower thing that goes in and prevents your foot from sliding in the shoe, and thus saving the Piggy Who Had None.

Since I'm pro Piggy, I gave her a call, asking if the drug store might carry this, she said sure, or a shoe store. I went back in. Now I'm staring at a wall of foot care products. Dr. Scholls seems to be a familiar name brand, so I opted to stick with his advice. But what was the right option? I couldn't tell!!

Nothing said Shoe Brake. Or Foot Brake or Brake of any sort. So I bought a full foot thing, guaranteed to fit all women shoes. Some heel protection (seemed like a good idea) and a fake arch support. I do have very high arches, so this might be what I need. $30 + later I walked out for the second time. However I still was not certain that I had the right item, so I stopped a shoe store. They have me something for $6. Green flat piece of squishy stuff. Haven't figured out where it's supposed to go.

Anyway I realized that my dress is going to require a sweater or something as the weather is calling for winter like conditions now and it's a sun dress. I stopped to ask a Pink sister if she had anything appropriate. She does not (her colours were too girly for my dress). She however told me the leg spray I bought for the tan was the "dark" version, hers was a lighter colour.

All I can do is sigh at this point.

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