Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Pink Experiment #1

So the Pink work girls decided a month ago we needed a "Girls Night Out". I agreed to it, as I've done girls nights in the past, usually good for a few good laughs. We are to go out this Saturday, total of 5 of us, 2 pink, 1 purple, 1 unknown and me (blue).

On Tuesday I had a tea run with one of the girls, and she was gushing about getting super dressed up, etc. Little warning bells started to fill my head, because my girls nights didn't require a dress code normally. They required the Olive Garden and drinks, maybe a movie.

I was a little nervous after talking with the Purple girl as we both agreed we didn't really think we had something in our wardrobes that might qualify. I sent a fill in the blank email for more information, this was the response:

Time: TBD
Activity: Dinner and Drinks
Location: TBD
Dress Code: Fancy (no jeans Sue or Purple!!).

Not really informative.Except that it shot the idea that I could wear my new dark jeans out the window.

On Wednesday Purple and I brainstormed a little more. She seemed to have something that might fit the bill, but last time I bought a dress was two years ago, and it was still in my closet with the tag on it. Plus the Pinks said they would be taking pictures. Especially since one never gets to go out as she has a young child.

It seemed to be a huge deal for them. I felt bad for not being as excited over the whole deal. I figured I would do my best to try and be excited and put some effort into this.

In other words: Go Pink for a few days.

I went shopping that day, found a black dress and accessories (I am thankful for the stores that carry everything). However I don't normally wear all black, even to a funeral. The lack of colour seems rather harsh on me, especially since I did my duty and avoided the sun as tanning is supposed to be bad. My legs in particular looked... well a little sick under the dress.

I however didn't feel great about the purchase, so I decided to bring the two options into Purple today and get her opinion (after verifying that yes the 2 yr old new dress does still fit). She choose the 2 yr old dress (which is colourful in a muted cute way), I sent the black home with her to try.

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