Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Forget-me... what?

I'm not sure what happened when I left work today, but it appears my brain took a slight hiatus.

I got to the gym and it was of course down pouring. I grabbed my jacket, but dismissed my water bottle as I wanted to bring in my Gatorade I had with me... well I didn't bring in the Gatorade or the water. I only realized when I got to the elliptical. And there was no way I was going back outside at that point. Also realized half way through my cardio that I forgot to charge my iPod on the way, so it died and I was then forced to listen to very bad work out music that was provided.

Afterwards I stopped to pick up chicken, milk, eggs, mayo and bread at the grocery store. I left without getting the Chicken or the eggs (ironic it was those two). So I went to the next grocery store as I was too embarrassed to back into the one I left.

Wasn't until I walked into the house that I was like "D'oh" because I forgot the Mayo.

And as I was going to bed I grabbed the glass from the side table went to the kitchen dumped the left over water, then promptly returned to the bedroom with an empty glass.

It made me chuckle, and thought hey I should blog about that tomorrow, then realized I might forget, so better do it now! 

--- Discovered the next morning that I had forgotten to put the clothes I had washed into the dryer. Realized when I went to get my shirt I had planned on wearing. *sigh*

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