Friday, December 16, 2011

The Art of Listening

So my little work/lunch group of friends had decided to do a Secret Santa lunch. This way someone doesn't show up with gifts for everyone and one of us then feel like a chump for not having bought something.

I had in fact already bought everyone cheap movie passes, but those will be tucked away for another time.

So we drew names and decided on a limit... Or should I rephrase to minimum. Somehow one of the Pinks decided that we needed to spend min $20. Reasonable but we can just go up from there... Of course she is the name I draw, the Pink with the most expensive taste (to give an idea she owns a real Louis Vutton wallet). And her favorite "colour"... Black. This was not going to be easy.

In the meantime Purple and I have dropped a couple of ideas at the lunch for ourselves. I also remarked that I don't really enjoy Lindor chocolates (as they came with my meal).

Anyway after a lot of search I finally settled on knitting a scarf for Pink and getting a Starbucks tea gift for her.

But this week the other Pink came to my desk and let it slip that Pricey Pink had asked her for advice on the gift she needs to buy...

I'm like, ok you do realize I now know who everyone has right? - only 4 of us doesn't take much to figure it out.

She had a bit of a d'oh moment with that. I did ask Purple if she needed help with her person (figured cat was out of the bag at this point). But I didn't realize that saying Pricey Pink asking for help on her would be a bit of a sensitive topic.

Wasn't thinking, Purple had an excellent point though, she had given ideas and if you did listen you'd have an idea of what to get her (I know I had wanted to draw her name). I could understand why she felt upset as she had made a point of dropping hints.

But this morning, funnily enough Purple gave me a gift prior to our lunch, I felt bad I did not get her anything... And it was Lindor chocolates.

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