Sunday, May 1, 2011

And it all started with an email on cheese...

Not long after I started my temporary position, I ended up going to lunch with one of my male co-workers. He seemed to be the one man Social Committee for our team, so figured it would be fun.

During lunch he asked me a lot of questions on where I've lived, worked, etc, as it was known that I wasn't originally from this area.  He was really excited to find out that I had worked a stint with the Oil & Gas industry. He asked a lot of questions about what it was like, where we lived, etc. He seemed overly excited about the sexual harassment that can occur. This was a little unusual as  people don't usually seem eager to want to know more about this subject.

He was especially curious about the girls who worked there. As he had heard from a friend of his that the girls who worked there were especially "easy" (totally not the word he used, but I'm going to use a nicer version for this blog). He then said that this might be exactly something he needed, to go up there with those types of girls. At this point I had radars ringing all over the place. As I was certain I had previously seen him wearing a wedding band (I have a single co-worker from my previous job I always keep an eye out for and had marked him off the list early on).

However, I checked his hands and he was not wearing a wedding band. I then questioned myself on whether or not I had actually seen a band and thought I had made a mistake. On the way back to work, he talked about how each office has one girl who seems to be "easy". At this point I made sure I mentioned my boyfriend's name a few more times as I was to the point of being seriously creeped out.

He then explained to me that he and his wife were currently separated but were "working on things". (This explained the missing ring). - I'm still not certain how one "works on things" with one's wife when talking about wanting to work with "easy" women.

Once back at my office, I immediately fired off a message to my boyfriend telling him about this seriously creepy lunch I had. As he responded to me about this guy being "that guy" you avoid, I got a message from my co-worker apologizing for the lunch. Stating he didn't want to be "that guy". I did a complete non answer email back. Laughing that he had totally realized he had been "that guy".

His next email back however was to ask me out for drinks sometime after work. I told him, I would consider it, however only if he wife were to come along (as I didn't want to be "that girl" to her). - This was me be nice as I really wasn't considering ever going out with him.

He really surprised me in his reply when he seemed angry. He stated that he can have his own friends that have nothing to do with his wife, she doesn't need to know everything he is doing, etc. - I was like wow, this guys is nuts!!

Later that afternoon we had a mini coffee break to celebrate a team members birthday. And "that guy" was now wearing his wedding ring again and has worn it everyday since. 

All my friends still laugh and ask about my "crazy stalker guy" from work.

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