Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I got a call from one of the supervisors in my area awhile ago. She said "I'm going to be late because my son slept in."

I said "Ok?" as I really did not know how else to respond to that. Maybe I should mention, her son is 3 years old.

When she arrived at work, she came straight to my desk with a bit dramatic sigh, plunked down and told me about her morning. "I can't believe he slept in! The one morning I'm super organized and have everything ready to go and he doesn't wake up at 5:50 am like he normally does. He slept right until 7 am! And made me late!!"

Now, I know I don't have kids and all. But I do come from a large family and have babysat over night numerous times. 3 year olds don't normally wake themselves up from what I've seen, unless of course it's the weekend and you wanted to sleep in. Then they are up at the crack of dawn.

What surprised me even more was the manager didn't even care, he was like, oh I totally understand, not a problem.

I have a few possible theories on what happened:

a) She slept in and blamed the 3 yr old (really sad thing to do, but honestly I'd have more respect for someone over sleeping their alarm then blaming the kid)

b) She is one of those Moms who thinks that kids must wake up on their own or something bad will happen (I am still working on the theory of what the bad thing would be...)

c) her son is such a holy terror when he's awake that when he sleeps, he looks like a sleeping angel and she dare not wake him


d) or he is as cute as this puppy is sleeping and you just forget everything when watching him:

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