Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rachel & Monica moments

The weather had finally been warming up, so I decided to wear a nice flow-y skirt to work one day. I went to the washroom in the morning, while washing my hands a lady walking out the washroom stopped just behind me.

She then said, "I'm sorry I have to tell you this, but trust me no guy would say this. But your skirt is caught in your panties."

I thanked her profusely, then rapidly fixed the back of my skirt, which was in fact totally caught and showing off my rear, before leaving the washroom. 

I went back to my desk to tell a co-worker of the near very embarrassing incident. As I was telling her she settled into her desk (she had just arrived). And I noticed that on her very nice new blouse, she had a button undone in a very revealing way.

I of course told her. For the rest of the day both of us were very paranoid with our wardrobe. Because of the humor of the situation, I emailed a friend of the incident to cheer her up, as she was having a bad week. 

It made her laugh, but also prompted her to share a story of her own. She was in a store that sells "delicates" looking around. Awhile after she left she noticed 3 young girls following her and laughing hysterically. Paranoid, she finally turned around and asked, "What is wrong?"

The girls pointed at her jacket and laughed, "You have panties stuck to the Velcro on your jacket."

Horrified at the fact she was running around a mall with panties on her jacket, but also over the fact that technically she had also stolen the panties, as she had not paid for them. She rushed back to the store and dumped them into one of the bins and left quickly.

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