Monday, July 25, 2011

What colour are you?

So I developed a theory on girls, and what colour they are based on their personalities. I've decided to go with three colour system: Pink, purple and blue.

Pink: This is what you'd expect, the girls who love to shop, especially for shoes and purses. Can talk about shopping for those items for hours. Also scared of bugs. Very excitable bunch. Screechy at times.

Purple: Less excitable, still may have a couple Pink habits, like shoe or purse shopping, not usually both. But also does stuff like camping, hanging out, etc. Little more relaxed when it comes to fashion.

Blue: Relaxed group, hates shopping and discussing shopping. Rather spend the day outside by a lake or in a pool or at a movie then even looking shoes. Clothing of choice would be jeans. No screeching at all.

I thought I'd share this theory with you, as my theory has given me a couple funny stories since it's developed. To be shared another time.

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