Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Sisters

The day I made the Pink Theory my sister decided we should go see "Friends with Benefits". We called out other sister to come with us, however my brother misunderstood who was attending and said he would tag along. He was trying to give support to my Brother in Law who he thought was going as well. I'd have preferred Captain America, but the two sisters out voted me.

We came home before the movie as it was a few hours to kill, and he realized it was just going to be the sisters, so he backed out as he didn't care to see a chick flick.

My sisters called an hour before we were supposed to leave and asked if I wanted to go shopping prior to the movie. I reluctantly agreed. As I left my brother yelled up the stairs, "Have fun shopping with the Pink Sisters!!"- I had shared my theory earlier with him.

I groaned inwardly as I discovered they were taking me Shoe shopping. However my brother laughed a lot when he got my text message about where we were. Having nothing else to do, I looked for a pair of sandals to try on, found a pair that were really comfortable and showed my sisters. I was then informed I was not allowed to buy said sandals because they made my ankles look fat.

You know I heard jokes about girls staying stuff like that on like tv shows, movies, etc, didn't think we actually said it though. After one sister found a pair of sandals she could live with, we then had to stare at earrings, accessories and sunglasses. Surprisingly they ignored the purses. However each of them carry a massive bright coloured purse already (one bright pink (ironic) and one bright green), so maybe there was less urgency.

We finally went to go to the movie and my brother was still laughing about the Pink Sisters. However he expressed his happiness about missing out on the evening accidentally to my sister, she received the following text "I'm so f-ing glad I didn't come tonight!!" Well this caused a twitter between the two sisters, puzzled over why he was so excited that he did not come.

Meanwhile I'm texting him in the background asking if he sent the text to the wrong person. He laughed even harder when he noticed the mistake, said it was too bad it wasn't funny enough for

After the movie I had to hear about my sisters gushing over Timberlake, how good he looked, how they would sleep with him in a second. Meanwhile I was thinking I wish I had seen Captain America. 

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