Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Pink Theory

So I came up with the Pink Theory after a lunch with two of my co-workers. We had decided to go to the "old folks" home (aka the Mall) for lunch. However I needed to get gold sleeper earrings, so we also had to stop at a jewelery store.

I'm fairly certain I heard a squeal of delight from my co-workers desk to my own, even though we are on different floors in the building. The reasoning was, is that my boyfriend and I have recently started discussing rings. And they couldn't wait to get me into that store.

As I am trying to pay for my earrings with a store clerk who is either in need of an enema or good sex, not sure which, the girls were gushing over the rings, deciding what is "my type" that I should wear. Well I already knew what I kind of liked, very simple, square cut (which to my annoyance is referred to as Princess cut).Which was not at all like what the girls picked out, I tried on ring after ring coated in diamonds of one sort or another...

But the time I got to the girls they had rings lined up for me to try. I had to put each ring on, and bend my hand in such a way that would let them know somehow if the ring would suit my personality and look good. The girls had opinions on everything, were giddy, even though Ice Queen was still serving us (who btw had it in her head to make me try on a 1 carat diamond over and over).

Then the girls remembered that my boyfriend was coming into town soon, so they decided that they were going to take him ring shopping. I decided to put my foot down there, as they would mostly scare the pants of him, as it was my head almost hurt from all the excitement from the two girls and I was a lot less enthusiastic about any ring shopping. I didn't want him to go through the same.

On the way back to work in the car, the girls talked non-stop about the rings, how he might propose, and when. One of the girls also had already picked out her ring she wants (only $10k) and Ice Queen had informed her there were only 19 left in Canada. I'm not sure if she did that to scare the poor girl (which has worked) or to dissuade her from trying to get that ring.

Either way Ice Queen didn't win any points with any of us. But it was during that drive that I decided girls who get that hyper about stuff like rings, shoes and purses have got to be Pink! No other colour for them.

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