Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early bird doesn't get the worm...

One morning I went to get tea with the Pink sisters (ok they went to get tea, I went for the walk in hopes I would wake up a little). Once in the elevator one turns to me and asks, "Did you notice anything different about Barbara?"

Inwardly I groaned, it was barely 8 am, way to early to play guessing games. To amuse her however I made a feeble attempt to try and notice something. Shoes seemed like any other shoe, she was wearing black as per normal, and her hair looked to be the same as the day before. 

"Nope, sorry, I give up." Really way to early for this crap.

Sally was so excited, "See Barbara I told you they looked natural!!" She then informs me that Barbara is wearing false eyelashes.

I was so glad the elevator opened at that moment because I was at a complete loss as to what to say to that. Does anyone notice fake eyelashes? I guess maybe if they were bright pink... but black on black?? Really?

I'm back to 8 am is too early for guessing games.

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