Thursday, September 1, 2011

Attenion EVERYONE!

One of my friends was sent for some training for work, however this training went a half hour past her regular work hours, and as she discovered on the first day, made her a little late for picking up her daughter from daycare.

On the second day in preparation for leaving as soon as the day was over, she had closed her binder 5 minutes early as the trainer was doing their wrap up of the day and summary for the next.

The trainer stopped speaking when he noticed this, and told her in front of other co-workers in the training, "Do NOT close your book as I am NOT done for the day." She was a little shocked by this as other people had already left to go home as they could  not wait any longer.

The next morning when she returned for the final day of training, she could not find her binder where she had left it at her desk. As she looked around the room, she finally spotted her things. The trainer had moved her to the front of the room after training had been done, forcing her to sit in the front of the room for the final day. No one else was moved or had been spoken too about leaving early.

She was completely mortified by this. 

Upon hearing this story, I had to ask, "Did you need your binder during that last 5 minutes?" She said they did not as they had finished the work that day, people had left already and a couple others had their binders closed as well.

I guess some people use the power as they can. I would have been hard pressed not to discuss this situation after the class with the trainer and I would have moved my things back to where I was previously sitting. As moving her and no one else was not called for, especially since this is a work training session, not a formal education setting.

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