Sunday, July 3, 2011

Which way??

I had arrived early to write an exam for a new job, so I was waiting outside the exam room in the seating area. I spent my time people watching those who were walking outside and trying to read a book. Suddenly the fire alarm system goes off.

However having been in a number of buildings in which there are many false alarms I questioned someone walking by if this was a building where people actually leave during a fire alarm, or one that you wait until you're told to evacuate. He told me they would announce if we were to leave. 

Less than 5 min later the power then goes out and they announced at this point to evacuate the building. As I am gathering up my things to leave, the room I was waiting to write my exam in empties. There is a lady leading people out, she then looks at the door leading directly to the outside and asks "Is this the closest Emergency Exit?"

My immediate reply was, "Well, I don't think you'll get any closer than this!!" as I pushed opened the door and left.

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