Monday, November 28, 2011

The Return

I've been offline in regards to blogging for a number of weeks now. It's not that I haven't had blog-worthy news, in fact look for Wrong Number, Divorcees or Supervisors, Me Vs the Dentist (take 3) to be arriving soon.

Fact of the matter is by the time I actually remember to blog, it's bedtime and I'm too tired to log in, trying to organize my thoughts in the typical sarcastic humour in which I deal with most things in life (I like to think I channel Statler and Waldorf on my good days).

So tomorrow night I will be making an effort to actually sit down, ignore Facebook, Twitter, Skype, MSN and Sims 3 in an effort to actually get some words down in the world of BlogSpot, so that some insomniac who is wistfully wishing for images of baa sheep leaping over fences, can have something to stave of complete boredom.

On a cool note my iPhone read the tomorrow night as a possible event and asked if I wanted to creat an event.

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