Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just a little awkward...

I had started a new job and had been there for about a month, so I was familiar with most of the people who worked on my floor. I was surprised one morning to run into an unfamiliar face in the kitchenette at work.

We made some minimal small talk while waiting for the seriously slow kettle to boil. As the lady was pouring her water, I mentioned to her to be careful as it spills easily. I am normally pretty conscience of health & safety matters, mostly because I'm somewhat accident prone.

The lady thanked me and then said, "Well as a new mother you are going to have to get use to thinking about stuff like that a lot (meaning the boiling water/kettle)."

I was pretty baffled by the statement, so I mumbled something like thanks before I left the kitchen and went to my desk.

I was surprised that a complete stranger would make such a random statement to someone they didn't know. Especially since it turns out, I don't have kids and I'm not even an expectant Mom!

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