Sunday, April 24, 2011

How much is too much?

One night while playing in an online game, a wife of a guy from our group signed in for him. I was only halfheartedly paying attention to the game as I was on pain medication for a severe migraine that day and currently was feeling no pain.

She introduced herself and said she was having a hard time dealing with being diagnosed with diabetes. Which I agree can be a very difficult disease to deal with and gave my sympathies. - I should learn to keep quiet maybe, because here is what followed:

She then proceed to described in detail how this diagnosis had proceeded the following: having benign growth removed from her intestine and during that surgery it was discovered that she had polyps on her uterus, which lead to a full hysterectomy.

I wasn't sure what to stay to this, as I didn't know her or her husband really that well. And the only other person online with our group at the time was a 16 year old.

She then said that she was ok with all these diagnosis because she knew she had guardian angels watching over her. She had seen at least three of them.

At this point I started to question what I was reading because of the meds I was on. I had to ask the unfortunate 16 yr old kid that was on with us if I was really reading about guardian angels. He assured me I was.

I expressed my sympathies to the woman online (privately apologized to the kid for having to read all the information). And questioned the world yet again on why strangers insist on telling me in great detail about their invasive medical procedures.  Last I checked I wasn't a doctor, psychiatrist, nor have I asked for it.

Ah well, if they didn't tell me about this stuff, what would I blog about??

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